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Mini-city breaks

Because not all rail adventures need to last at least 2 weeks

Had a bad day or even week? We understand if all you want to do is hop on a train and let it whisk you away to new places, leaving all your worries behind. Did you use up most of your holiday leave already? There's no need to worry about that either because you can have a quick Interrail adventure in just a few days.


Our Passes start from 4 days in 1 month, meaning all you need is 2 days off from work, combined with the weekend, to fill your soul with beautiful scenery and different cultures. Convinced but still not sure where you might even go? Follow our itineraries below and choose your destinations based on what you're craving right now. Don't forget to take advantage of the Global Pass!

Chasing the sun itinerary 


Porto → Lisbon→ Faro → Seville → Granada → Malaga


If you fear you’ve missed out on the summer sunshine this year, then head to some of the sunniest places in Europe – Portugal and Spain. Start your adventure with a delicious glass of wine in PORTO and have a walk in the medieval Ribeira district, to the Palácio de Bolsa and the famous Port.




If the wine has made you tipsy, then it’s time to leave for the bustling LISBON. Let yourself be captivated by the view from Sao Jorge Castle and then continue to the city centre for the classic Lisbon vibes. If you still have energy after climbing the hil lto the castle, then don’t miss one of the Atlantic beaches in the outskirts of the city, such as Cascais and Estoril.




End your Portuguese adventure with FARO, one of the sunniest places in Europe, and stack up on your Vitamin D. Have a dip in the crystal clear sea or walk in the Old Town with its cobbled streets – both will make you happy, but not as much as the delicious local cuisine, featuring amazing seafood specialities.




Your next stop is Spain and the magnicent SEVILLE, where you can spend countless hours admiring the architecture – the Seville Cathedral, La Giralda tower, the Real Alcázar Palace, the Plaza de España are just a few of the sights that will leave you speechless. Unwind afterwards by the river or continue exploring some of the museums, but make sure you end the day with tapas, which actually originate from this city. 




Head next to GRANADA, where you can carry on being fascinated with medieval architecture. Alhambra, Albayzín, the Granada Cathedral, the Royal Chapel – you will find a breathtaking sight at every corner, making your stay in Granada as exciting as it could possibly be. If you’re done with historical buildings, then head to the Science Park or to Sierra Nevada




End your sunny adventure in MÁLAGA, where along with the numerous historical sights, you should also pay a visit to Ataranzas Market for a multicultural encounter, and some of the many beaches for a last chance vitamin D top-up.




Food indulgance itinerary 


Lyon→ Marseille → Milan→ Florence → Rome


Start your culinary adventure with the “Gastronomic Capital of the World”, LYON. Famous for its many bouchons and award-winning cuisine, this place will satisfy your taste buds in ways you’ve never imagined. Indulge in a Saucisson brioche (sausage baked in pastry dough) or Tarte Lyonnaise (red praline tart) and walk it all off in Vieux Lyon (the Old town), all the way up to Saint Jean Cathedral for a panoramic view of the whole city. 




Your next stop is MARSEILLE, the oldest city of France, where in addition to walking around the many historical buildings, you can also burn calories while swimming atsome of the local beaches. The Provence region has had its inuence and resulted in lots of lightmeals, such as Bouillabaisse (fish stew), Pieds paquets (lamb stew) and Soupe de poisson á la rouille (fish soup). Here will also be the place to get your head tipsy, with alcoholic drinks such as Picon, Ricard and Dry Vermouth originating from here.




Once you’ve had enough encounters with the French food, head to one of the most famous cuisines in the whole world - Italian. Start with one of Italy’s most visited cities, MILAN, and make sure you’ve had your shopping marathon before indulging in any of the delicious local treats: Risotto alla Milanese, Ossobucco (juicy veal shank), Piadina (thin Italian flatbread filled with lots ofmeat), Polenta, Gorgonzola, Gelato and so many more. Don’t skip on the good old sightseeing though, it will not only give you a break from the eating, but the amazing architecture will also leave you speechless. 




Continue your trip in FLORENCE, where you can feast your eyes on stunning Renaissance art and architecture such as Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, The Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia and Piazzale Michelangelo. For an edible feast, try Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak), Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo, Schiacciata alla Fiorentina (Florentine cake) and Cantuccini (almond cookies), and don’t forget to wash it all down with some local Tuscan wine. 




End your foodie adventure with ROME, where history and food meet once again for an amazing experience. Somewhere between the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Trevi Fountain, try the best Rigatoni Carbonara, Pizza Romana (thinner and crispier than in Naples) and supplí, a typical Roman snack consisting of fried rice ballmixed with ragú and mozzarella. 




Nature lovers itinerary


Lake Bled→ Salzburg → Berchtesgaden→ Konstanz → Interlaken


If all you need right now is to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this itinerary would be the perfect match for you. The first first stop is the beautiful LAKE BLED, situated close to Ljubljana, Slovenia, making it an easy trip from there. A perfect spot to cool down in summer, capture the different colours in autumn and hike one of themany trails all year round, there's also a small island in the middle of the lake, which you can reach easily by boat. Visiting Bled Castle is also a must, with its location above the lake and more than 1000 years of history.




Head next to SALZBURG, Austria, known for its culture and surrounding nature. You can explore the city sights, but if you’re here only for the mountains then go straight to the eastern part of the city, named Gaisberg. It has more than 20km of well-marked trails ranging in length and difficulty and many other outdoor activities, some of which can boost your adrenaline, like paragliding and mountain biking




Then cross the German border and stop at the lovely town of BERCHTESGADEN for some of the best views of the Alps. The Eagle’s Nest is one of the most popular spots for panoramic views, though any of the other peaks around it will probably deliver just as beautiful views. 




After walking in the clouds, you might want to freshen up and what could be better than the crystal-clear water of LAKE KONSTANZ. It’s the biggest lake in Germany and offers a lot of water sports, as well as beaches where you can swim. If you’re not keen on water, there are plenty of surrounding spots where you can walk off your hiking boots or raise your heart rate with some extreme mountain biking. 




The last stop is unsurprisingly situated in Switzerland, a true must for any nature lover. While any stop in the country will satisfy your cravings, INTERLARKEN is one of the best places to stretch your legs after lockdown. Lakes, hiking trails, cable cars and panorama terraces – it has it all, and it doesn’t matter which season you end up going, you will always have your breath taken away.




European cities itinerary 


Rotterdam → Antwerp → Cologne → Berlin→ Warsaw → Krakow → Vienna → Budapest


Skip the often-crowded Amsterdam and start your journey in the modern and dynamic ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands. Known for being completely rebuilt after WWII, this city has an interesting fusion of both typical Dutch architecture and skyscrapers, for you to explore. Walk over the famous Erasmus Bridge, admire the Old Harbour and finish up with the international cuisine of your choice at the modern Markthal. Don’t miss the famous Cube Houses or the 360-degree view of the city from the Euromast tower




A convenient train connection will take you next to ANTWERP, Belgium, where you can carry on admiring the ever-changing architectural scenery. You may not be able to appreciate its popularity for diamonds, but don’t miss out on the more affordable Belgian chocolates, waffles and fries! Go back in time at the Red Star Line Museum, escape the hustle and bustle at Middelheim’s sculpture park, pay attention to the Cathedral of Our Lady’s ornaments and make sure you end your day with a pint of good old Belgian beer.




Then head to COLOGNE, Germany. Pay a visit to Cologne Cathedral, the tallest in all of Europe, walk in the city centre or the Old Town and over the famous Hohenzollern Bridge. The city has various types of museums to choose from – from historical ones such as the Romano-Germanic Museum, to ones which will satisfy both your wanderlust and stomach, like the Chocolate Museum. Once you’re all fed up, hop aboard a boat to get a different view of the city from the Rhine




Next, get on the train and prepare for a capital city full of life and culture. You can spend numerous days in BERLIN and still won’t have seen it all,  but if you’re in a hurry, have a quick tour in the city centre and pass through the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berliner Dom and the Museum Island. End your day with a golden hour panorama from the TV Tower and indulge in some wurst and German beer for dinner.




Head east, all the way to WARSAW, Poland, where you can feel the historic influence of communism even more. Have a walk through the Old Town and then feel the city vibe in the Central district. Don’t miss the Palace of Culture and Science and the chance to try out some typical Polish meals. Dig into the Polish history even further by heading next to KRAKOW, also a backpackers’ favourite destination due to its bustling life and affordable prices.




Have a long, yet exciting, train journey then to VIENNA, Austria to admire some of the most beautiful Baroque architecture in Europe. The Schönbrunn Palace is a must, but if you have time then also pay a visit to the Hofburg palace. Take a walk in the city centre and let yourself be impressed by St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the views it offers. If you’re done with cultural sightseeing, head to the Wiener Prater Park, an amusement park with all types of rides and a huge, historic ferris wheel.




End your rail adventure in BUDAPEST, Hungary, another favourite destination, where apart from seeing the famous Hungarian Parliament Building and Heroes’ Square, you should also go to a spa for the perfect end to your trip. 


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