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We asked, you answered: Your favourite Halloween destinations in Europe 

Rachel Schnalzer

Senior Writer

18 October 2023


There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning gold and Halloween is almost upon us. In celebration of the holiday, we asked our followers on social media to share their take on the best places to spend Halloween in Europe. 


Below, you’ll find a few of our favourite responses. Experience the fun and mystery of Halloween in Europe with an Interrail Global Pass.

Bran Castle in Romania
Greyfriars Bobby statue in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

  • In Edinburgh, “you truly feel surrounded by spirits,” one traveller told us. Perhaps nowhere can the spirits of Edinburgh be felt more deeply than the Samhuinn Fire Festival, a “re-imagining of an ancient Celtic festival” that marks the return of winter. 
  • Scary stories, horror tales – storytelling is an essential part of the Halloween experience. Celebrate the craft of storytelling by visiting the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, running from 13-29 October 2023.
  • Pay tribute to Edinburgh’s famous historic hound – Greyfriars Bobby, a small dog memorialised in the Greyfriars churchyard. Though the precise facts of Bobby’s life are unknown, many say Bobby was the companion of a police constable who was buried in Greyfriars churchyard. After his human’s death, Bobby sat beside his grave for 14 years until his own passing in 1872.  
Buda Castle in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

  • Take time to admire Buda Castle by day and tour the labyrinth of caves and tunnels under Buda Castle Hill. Then, return for the castle’s “Mystery & History” tour, an eerie night-time journey through the dark and winding streets of the Castle District. 
  • Catch a show or take a tour of Budapest’s neo-Renaissance Opera House. But beware – the architectural gem is said to be haunted by the ghost of a cat named Vera, who will lock her glittering eyes with audience members. 
  • Pop by the Pumpkin Festival and Night Market in the Hunyadi Square Market on 27 October for an evening of pumpkin carving, children's concerts, a farmers' market, and more.
Bran Castle in Romania

Brașov, Romania

  • Do you dare to visit Dracula’s house? Bran Castle, said to have inspired author Bram Stoker while writing his famous horror tale Dracula, is holding special Halloween tours on 28 and 29 October 2023. 
  • After exploring the streets of Brașov, get a bird’s eye view of the city by hiking or taking a cable car up Mt Tâmpa. Keep an eye out for autumn foliage and the city’s famous Hollywood-esque sign. 
  • While in Romania, keep the autumnal views going with a journey to Maramureș, a Northern region beloved for its unique wooden churches. On the train ride, you'll see the countryside’s rolling hills turning gold as autumn winds to a close. 
Autumn in Annecy, France

Annecy, France

  • Soak in the sight of Lake Annecy, surrounded by golden leaves on a hike or stroll near the water’s edge. Then, explore the passages of Annecy for a unique peek into the “Pearl of the French Alps."
  • Hear legends of the castle, see theatre productions, and catch musical performances during the Festival du Fantastique, held by the Museum-Château d'Annecy from 27 October through 2 November 2023. 
  • On 23 and 30 October 2023, children are invited to create Halloween lanterns and join guides approved by the Ministry of Culture for a tour of Annecy’s old town. 
Autumn in Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

  • Basel’s beloved Herbstmesse – a two-week-long autumn fair – dates all the way back to the 1400s. Experience the fair rides and taste specialities such as the chäsbängel – a baguette filled with fondue cheese – from 28 October to 12 November. 
  • Calling all scary movie fans: on Halloween Night (31 October), the Kunsthalle Basel will screen a series of short horror films selected by the artist Diego Marcon. 
  • You’ll find a step up from your average Halloween candy on a stroll through Basel. Spend a few hours wandering the Old Town and popping into Swiss chocolate shops.
Halloween decor in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Halloween thrills abound at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. From 12 October to 5 November 2023, visitors to the famous amusement park will find more than 20,000 jack-o’-lanterns, haunted houses, and plenty of hair-raising rides. 
  • Experience the end of autumn in Denmark with a journey north on the Lokaltog train lines. Hillerød, home to the largest Renaissance castle in the Nordics, and the fishing village of Gilleleje are each a short train ride from Copenhagen. 
  • Souvenir shopping before travelling home? Pick up a cosy sweater (or two) with a visit to some of Copenhagen’s vintage and secondhand shops. The intersection of Larsbjørnsstræde and Studiestræde, near the University of Copenhagen, is the perfect starting point for your treasure hunt.    

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