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10-day itinerary to Belgium, Luxembourg & Germany

Want to escape the busy tourist spots that everyone goes to? Then read on for the perfect off the beaten track Interrail Itinerary to Belgium, Luxembourg, & Germany. Here you will discover some of the lesser explored areas of Europe. These neighbouring countries are easy to explore by Interrail Pass, and you will see the charm of hidden gem destinations at your fingertips when you travel conveniently by train. Plus, you can visit many fairytale castles along the way as these countries are full of them!


Jackie Rezk

Writer @ Jou Jou Travels

Days 1 & 2: Mechelen, Belgium

Mechelen is often unheard of by tourists who visit Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, and Ghent instead. However, it is not to be missed! This surprising town is full of liveliness and a superior food scene. It looks like a mini Amsterdam with all the locals riding bikes everywhere. The architecture is full of colourful facades, making it a photo lovers paradise. 


Don’t miss the food hall De Vleeshalle which is a hip destination with a variety of foods on offer. If you want to escape the typical Belgium food and indulge in many cuisines that are just as tasty, then this place is for you.



Days 3 & 4: Dinant, Belgium

Dinant is a charming Wallonian town in the Southern region of Belgium. It has a long history of battles as it was one of the protecting barriers between Germany and France during the war. You will find the Gothic cathedral and towering Citadel situated behind the Meuse River and a colourful row of buildings behind any photo you see of this lovely town. 


Don't miss taking the cable car up to the Citadel so you can see amazing views of the city and learn about the long history of Dinant.


On day 4, you can visit the nearby castles of Veves, Walzin, and Freÿr.


If you want to learn more about this unique town, read the top things to do in Dinant here.


How to get there: you won't find a direct train from Mechelen to Dinant - you need to change trains once in Bordet or twice in Bruxelles Nord and Namur. The whole journey is just over 2 hours.



Days 5 to 6: Luxembourg

Luxembourg is an underrated country in Europe that you should add to your Interrail journey today! It is the wealthiest country in the world and one of the smallest countries in the world. There are many fun things to do in Luxembourg City, including seeing the gorgeous view at Chemin de la Corniche. One of the most unique things to do is to ride the glass Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffentha down to the old city of Luxembourg. Not only that, the Bock Casemates is a must to see - these underground tunnels were used as bomb shelters during World War II to protect 35,000 people.


On day 6, take a day trip from Luxembourg to Vianden Castle, which takes around 1 hour by bus (not included in your Pass). This stunning castle can be visited inside, too, and it is a great excursion from Luxembourg City.


How to get there: the train from Dinant to Luxembourg takes approximately 2 hr 23 minutes (change trains in Libramont). 



Days 7 to 8: Trier, Germany

Trier, Germany, is the oldest city in Germany, making it a unique place to add to your Interrail itinerary. It is located near the Luxembourg border so it’s an easy train ride away. The city was founded by Romans and contains much Roman-style architecture, including the Porta Nigra gate and the ruins of a Roman bath. The Market Square marks the centre of the town and is where you will see many intricate and colourful buildings as well as a fountain.


Don’t miss visiting the Electoral Palace & the Palace Garden. Surrounded by beautiful ponds, fountains, and flower beds, this landmark is now used by local government offices. It is really beautiful to visit on a nice spring day.


How to get there: the direct regional train takes 51 minutes from Luxembourg to Trier, Germany.



Day 9 to 10: Cochem, Germany


Cochem is a picturesque town in Germany perched behind this backdrop and along the Moselle River, you will see a beautiful castle - Reichsburg Castle. You will find many colourful houses and cute pathways while strolling through the streets. This small town can be explored in a couple of hours and has only 5,000 inhabitants. It is known for regional wines as there are many vineyards and small family-run wineries along the Moselle River. 


On day 10, you can take an optional day trip to Eltz Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in Burg Eltz, Germany. It is a medieval castle situated in the hills above the Moselle halfway between Koblenz and Trier, Germany. 


How to get to Cochem: the fastest regional train, running once per hour from Trier to Cochem, takes 46 minutes.

How to get to Eltz Castle: take the train to Moselkern station and reach the castle in Burg Eltz by foot or taxi (used your travel days? Buy a cheap train ticket for this 17 minute journey).



Towns and cities visited on this trip

1. Mechelen, Belgium

2. Dinant, Belgium 

3. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

4. Trier, Germany

5. Cochem, Germany

6. Burg Eltz, Germany (optional)


We recommend the 5-day Interrail Global Pass for this trip. 


Good news: You can enjoy this entire reservation-free itinerary without having to worry about buying Pass holder reservations. 


Optional trip: If you go to Eltz Castle on day 10, you may need to buy a regular ticket for the 17-minute journey to Moselkern station (if you have used your 5 travel days).  


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Jackie Rezk is an American expat living in London. She runs the travel blog Jou Jou Travels which combines her passion for solo travel & hidden gems. She loves to find undiscovered places with pretty architecture and pops of colour! She is obsessed with travel so much that she doesn't let finding someone to go with stop her. Jackie's goal is to inspire her audience to do the same! Learn more directly from her website or Instagram.

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