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10 European destinations to visit in 2022

Wrap up warm this winter and set your dreams in motion by planning the best Interrail trip ever. But where to go? With sustainable cities, hidden gems, and scenic routes by slow train, here are the destinations you won't want to miss before the end of the year.

Maria Clark


1. Copenhagen, Denmark

As one of the happiest cities in the world, it's no surprise Copenhagen tops our list. From wandering through rainbow-heaven Nyhavn, to letting your hair down at Tivoli Gardens, this colourful city is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. And, even better, with Copenhagen aiming to be the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, this sustainable city is the perfect place to learn how to protect the planet. 


How to get to Copenhagen by rail: Denmark has great international train links with Sweden and Germany, and a dense railway network around the entire country. Alternatively, you can choose to take a ferry from Norway.  


2. Tallinn, Estonia

If you're searching for that sustainable holiday destination, look no further. As the European Green Capital of 2023, the fairytale city of Tallinn brings together the best of the past and the future. With its medieval Old Town, acres of parkland and a rich local culture, this northern capital is a wonderful destination for backpackers, families and solo travellers alike. 


How to get to Tallinn by rail: You can reach Tallinn by train from the other Baltic capitals, Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia). There are frequent buses if a train is not available. You can also take the ferry from Helsinki (Finland) in 2.5 hours, with daily direct crossings. 



3. Ljubljana, Slovenia 

2022 should be a year of responsible travel, so a trip to Slovenia is a must. Visit lovely Ljubljana with its car-free centre and Tivoli parkland, exploring the history, architecture and culture of this charming capital. It's also a great springboard destination to discover Slovenia's unspoilt nature, with the stunning Lake Bled and Triglav National Park only a bus ride away. 


How to get to Ljubljana by rail: It's easy with regular train connections from many European cities. For example, you may choose to travel from Budapest (Hungary), Villach (Austria) and Zagreb (Croatia). 


4. Nesebar, Bulgaria

Not quite sure what kind of holiday you want? Avoid the tourist crowds in 2022 by picking the hidden gem of Nesebar, an ancient seaside city. With its awesome archaeological ruins, stunning churches and breath-taking sandy coastline, it's a city break, and seaside escape rolled into one. 


How to get to Nesebar by rail: This unmissable city has regular bus connections with Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, and can also be accessed from Plovdiv by train and bus. 


5. Riquewihr (Alsace), France

Riquewihr is the French destination you've never heard of. With its colourful houses, winding streets and endless charm, this stunning medieval town is often overlooked in favour of its big sisters Colmar and Strasbourg. But it's not all about the Instagram aesthetic. From hiking through the Alsation vineyards on the Géovino trail, to trying local food, your stay in Riquewihr will be enriching in every single way. 


How to get to Riquewihr by rail: This stunning town has regular bus connections to the equally charming Colmar, which can be reached from many European cities by train. These include Stuttgart (Germany), Zürich (Switzerland), Milan (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria). 


6. Luxembourg

Beat the crowds with a charming city break to Luxembourg, a small European country nestled in beautiful woodland and soaked in a unique charm. Spend time in the medieval paradise of Luxembourg City, or take day trips to the picture-perfect towns of Vianden and Echternach. This is a great place to visit off-season, and highly recommended in the spring! 


How to get to Luxembourg by rail: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is easily reached by rail, with TGV connections to France and InterCity to Belgium and Germany.


7. Sintra, Portugal

Portugal might be known for its beaches, but 2022 is the year to discover its cultural side. With its colourful palaces, lush greenery and dramatic landscapes, the northern city of Sintra is a wonderful way to explore the country's history. Discover the National Palace, Moorish Castle and Pena Palace on a day trip from Lisbon, or choose to stay overnight in the mountains. 


How to get to Sintra by rail: You can reach Sintra with a 40-minute train ride from Lisbon. There are regular international connections with France and Spain from Lisboa.


8. Bath, England

With Bridgerton Season 2 scheduled for release in early 2022, this is your year to head back to the Regency era with a trip to the place it was filmed - the city of Bath. With Georgian buildings, Roman ruins and wonderful history, this aesthetic English city is perfect for your Instagram feed.


How to get to Bath by rail: You can reach Bath by taking the train from London Paddington to Bath Spa Station, with a journey time of 1.5 hours. It also has great connections with other UK cities, such as Bristol and Cardiff. 


9. Corfu, Greece

Dreaming of a beach holiday? Head to the magical Ionian Island of Corfu for a few days of exquisite culture, food and summer (or winter!) sun. As one of Greece's gastronomic hotspots, Corfu is a fantastic place to sunbathe, explore and eat plenty of feta. Don't miss Corfu Old Town, the Achilleion Palace and the Canal d'Amour.


How to get to Corfu: Using an Interrail Greek Islands Pass, Corfu is easily accessible from mainland Greece via the port of Igoumenitsa, which has all-year-round sailing trips. There are also ferry trips available to various Italian ports (Bari and Brindisi) during peak season and ferries to other Ionian islands.


10. The Bay of Naples, Italy

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's to reach out and grab those long-desired experiences while we can. Fancy eating pizza in Naples? Or climbing a dormant volcano? With the historical wonder of Pompeii, the citrus charm of Sorrento and majestic Mount Vesuvius, head down to the Bay of Naples to make memories you'll never forget. 


How to get to Naples by rail: Naples is just an hour south of Rome on the train and can be easily reached by transferring via the Italian capital. While exploring the Bay, the Circumvesuviana railway runs along the whole coastline, stopping at all the major destinations. 

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