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10 exciting rail updates to experience in 2024

Sarah Wert Van Issum

Community Manager

Hugo Van Vondelen

Product Specialist

3 January 2024


It’s a special time of year! Twice annually, the European Railway Carriers release an updated timetable, including new routes, connections, services, and more. 


We reviewed the latest release and are thrilled to share the 10 most impactful improvements. Below, you'll find some of the most exciting rail updates you can look forward to experiencing in 2024. 

1. New night trains: Starting from Brussels or Paris to Berlin


The latest additions to the ÖBB Nightjet routes will connect Brussels and Paris to Berlin. The direct night train service between Berlin and Paris, previously known as City Night Line, last operated in 2014. Travellers missed this night route, and we are pleased that passengers can travel it again three times per week.


The Brussels to Berlin route runs six days per week, with both the European Sleeper and the Nightjet running three times each on different days.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats, couchettes, and sleepers

A close-up of the Nightjet

2. New cross-border train: Connecting Vilnius to Riga


Cross-border rail service between Lithuania and Latvia is returning! From 27 December, there will be a direct train connecting Vilnius and Riga, passing through Siauliai.


This development is significant for travel within the Baltics. It means that, after several years, it will once again be possible to conveniently travel from Poland through all three Baltic countries. Stay tuned – schedules will be released soon.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner, Latvian timetable, and Lithuanian timetable

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats

The Gate of Dawn in Vilnius, Lithuania

3. A new, state-of-the-art night train: Connecting Vienna, Innsbruck, and Hamburg


One of the most exciting developments in train travel? When a new train hits the tracks.


On 10 December, ÖBB Nightjet began their brand new 'Nightjet of the new Generation' connecting Vienna, Innsbruck, and Hamburg. 


These innovative new trains have the potential to revolutionise night train travel. Instead of 6-berth couchettes, these Nightjets will feature mini cabins designed for one person, offering more privacy for budget travellers. The concept is similar to capsule hotels and will be a first in Europe.


Looking for more space and comfort? Just try the 4-berth couchettes. Best of all, sleeper cabins will include a private toilet and shower!


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats, couchettes, mini-cabins, sleepers

Innsbruck, Austria

4. New cross border train: Connecting Subotica to Szeged


Another exciting cross-border connection in the Eurail Pass network was rolled out at the end of November. A local train now connects Subotica and Szeged, filling a missing gap in the network and making travel in the region significantly more accessible.


With this update, travellers can once again go by train from Belgrade to Budapest. Although the high-speed line connecting these two cities will take several years to construct, this local route is still an essential improvement.


In total, the route will go from Belgrade, passing through Novi Sad, Subotica, and Szeged, ending in Budapest.


How to find schedules: MAV and Srbvoz

Reservation: No reservations

Accommodation: Seats

Art Nouveau architecture in Subotica, Serbia

5. The BOB (Berner Oberland Bahn) is now fully included in the Pass


As of 10 December 2023, travellers can visit one of the world's most beautiful valleys with our Pass.


The BOB (Bernese Oberland Bahn) whisks you from Interlaken to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, and the WAB (Wengernalpbahn) will bring you further to Wengen. From Wengen, you can enjoy discounts on your way to Kleine Scheidegg and the Top of Europe: Jungfraujoch. Additionally, the BLM (Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren) is now fully included in the Pass.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: No reservations

Accommodation: Seats

Landscape of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

6. European Sleeper extends service to Prague


Last year, European Sleeper introduced a new night train route from Brussels to Berlin via Amsterdam. However, due to construction work and limited capacity, the route was initially unable to be extended to Prague.


Starting from 25 March, European Sleeper will finally include the Czech Republic in its route! The train will also offer destinations such as Dresden, Bad Schandau (in Saxon Switzerland), and Ústí nad Labem.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats, couchettes, sleepers

Landscape of Prague, Czech Republic

7. The classic ‘Metropol’ route is back, connecting Berlin, Dresden, Budapest, and Vienna


Starting from 10 December, the night train 'Metropol' from Berlin to Vienna and Budapest will resume operation along its historical route via Dresden and Prague. As a result, the route through Poland will no longer be available.


This change allows you to travel overnight from Dresden to Budapest and Vienna, which was previously not possible.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats, couchettes, sleepers

Dresden, Germany

8. New Railjets on the Brenner route from Munich to Innsbruck to Italy


From April 2024, the popular route from Munich to Italy via Innsbruck will receive an upgrade. The current Eurocity rolling stock will be replaced by brand new ÖBB Railjet trains, ensuring more comfort for passengers.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Mandatory in summer only, mandatory supplement

Accommodation: Seats

Autumn in Innsbruck, Austria

9. A new night train from Paris to Aurillac and Cerbère


From 10 December, travellers can expect exciting changes to the French night train timetable. SNCF will begin operating their 'Intercités de Nuit' service to Aurillac, in addition to the existing trains to Rodez and Albi.


Additionally, the trains to Cerbère on the Spanish border will be rerouted through Nîmes, Montpellier, Sète, and Béziers. This will restore the connection between these cities by night train. This change will also increase capacity, as the train will no longer be attached to other night trains via Toulouse.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: Reservations are mandatory

Accommodation: Seats, couchettes

Cerbère, France

10. More trains connecting Göteborg to Oslo


When travelling by train to Oslo from other parts of Europe, all travellers depart through Göteborg.


Starting from 10 December, this journey will become much more convenient, with the number of trains doubling. Additionally, there will be a later departure from Göteborg at 20:10, two hours later than the current offering. These changes mean that Oslo can now be reached in one day from even more destinations in Europe.


How to find schedules: Rail Planner

Reservation: No reservations

Accommodation: Seats

Gothenburg, Sweden

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