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Bernina Express: Everything You Need To Know



Choosing a scenic train trip in Switzerland is difficult. In a country where even daily commuter trains serve up gorgeous views, it is hard to decide which one to pick. This is where the Bernina Express comes in. It offers glaciers, mountaintops, lakes, tunnels, the famous Brusio Spiral… the list goes on. Here is everything you need to know about this impressive train journey.


What is the Bernina Express?


The Bernina Express is one of the world’s most celebrated scenic trains. It runs from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy, and crosses the Swiss Engadin Alps. Much of the journey is on the Rhaetian Railway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The journey, at 4 hours one way, is relatively short when you compare it to the Glacier Express ― its sister train and closest competitor. Over the course of the 76 miles (122 km), you will cross 196 bridges and travel through 55 tunnels.

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The train gets its name from the Bernina Pass, which you will climb slowly but surely, which will earn you incredible views. The descent towards Poschiavo is equally inspiring, and many take the trip solely for the famous Brusio Spiral Viaduct between Poschiavo and Tirano.


In Tirano, you can do the journey in reverse, or hop aboard a dedicated Bernina Express bus that drives you another 3 hours back to Swiss soil in Lugano.


What to expect aboard the Bernina Express


There are several trains that run the route between Chur and Tirano, but not all of these are the Bernina Express. Although the Bernina offers panoramic windows, the other trains offer similar facilities, follow the exact same route, and are much cheaper.


There is no dining cart on the train, but there is a snack service available. As with most European trains, you are also welcome to bring your own food and drinks on board.




During good weather in the summer months, you can also ride in an open carriage pulled by a regular train on the Bernina line. The Bernina Express does not pull these open carriages.


When does the Bernina Express run?


The Bernina Express runs throughout the year. The special panoramic carriages leave Chur in the morning once daily, and return from Tirano in the early afternoon. Times vary according to day and season.


If you miss the panoramic carriage, you can always board a local Rhätische Bahn train. They run regularly between the two cities.




Using your Global Pass on board


You can use your Global Pass valid in Switzerland on board the Bernina Express and regional trains. If you choose to ride the panoramic trains on the Express, you will only need to pay a small seat reservation fee. Check our website for the latest costs.


Local trains on the same route do not require a reservation fee, and you can simply hop aboard at the station.


Reserving a seat in advance 


A seat reservation is recommended if you are travelling during peak times or wish to guarantee a seat on board the daily express trains. You can reserve your seat at a Swiss railway station or online.




To reserve your Bernina Express seat online, simply visit the Bernina Express page on the Rhaetian Railway website. Choose your journey, then reserve and pay for your seat.


Taking the bus to Lugano


In summer months, the Bernina Express runs a bus from Tirano to Lugano to coincide with the arrival of the train. The bus travels along the shores of Lake Como and takes approximately three hours. Reservation is separated to that on the train and costs 14 Swiss Francs.




Choosing a direction and seat 

There’s no discernible difference whether you choose to travel Chur to Tirano, or Tirano to Chur. The only factor you need to consider is daylight. In summer, both directions travel during daylight hours. In winter, the final stretch of the northbound route will be in the dark. 

For the best views, you should sit on the right side of the train going north to south, and the left side in the opposite direction. 




Best season

As with most scenic Swiss routes, the views are spectacular regardless of the season. Winter months offer views of a stunning wonderland with large glaciers and deep snow. In summer, the snow gives way to emerald green fields, melting glaciers, and inviting blue lakes.


In a land where incredible scenic train rides appear in ample quantities, it can be hard choosing just one to include on your next trip. But for many travellers the Bernina Express is a no-brainer, particularly if you consider how cost-effective and stunning the journey is with a Global Pass. And considering that your arrival in Tirano or Chur means you can continue to explore Italy or Switzerland, it is also the perfect addition to any rail holiday.


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