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7 types of Pass benefits you'll love



Did you know that your Pass is much more than a train ticket across Europe? Each Pass is packed full of special freebies and discounts you can get just by flashing the humble mobile Pass on the Rail Planner app. Some are more obvious than others, so here is a quick breakdown of the best Pass benefits you are entitled to. If you want to explore these options in detail, do not forget to check the benefits portal.

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1. Private scenic train rides 

Your Pass gives you easy access to the vast majority of Europe’s trains. In most cases, you can simply hop aboard with your Pass in hand. In other cases, you might have to pre-book a seat online or at the station ahead of time. There is also a handful of private trains so luxurious and exclusive that no rail Pass will get you there all-inclusive. These rides are typically high up spectacular mountains, through isolated valleys, or on bucket-list-worthy scenic routes. Although your Pass may not cover this 1% of Europe’s epic train rides, it often allows you a big discount on the base fare.


Take advantage: Take the once-in-a-lifetime train to Jungfrau, the top of Europe, in Switzerland ― our travellers receive a 25% discount on the regular ticket price when they show their Pass. Want more amazing views? Scenic trains like the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express are completely covered by the Pass. You will only have to pay for your seat reservation.


2. Long distance ferry rides 

After trains, boats and ferries may just be the next best mode of transport. The good news is that your Pass means you can travel on both. There are dozens of long distance ferry rides that can save you days of overland travel, including those between Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Greece. Our company has a partnership with several major ferry companies, and your Pass will get you a discount on many routes.


Take advantage:  Travel between Finland and Sweden on a ferry with Tallink Silja Oy for less. Pass holders benefit from a 20% discount during high season and up to 50% during low season on online bookings.


3. Scenic boat rides 

Not a fan of long boat rides? Then you can also hop aboard dozens of shorter scenic trips at a steep discount or even for free. Europe’s lakes and rivers offer some of the most dramatic scenery of all. Even a brief trip across the waters can expose you to new perspectives and create lasting memories.


Take advantage:  In the heart of Switzerland, the Navigation Company provides amazing scenic cruises on the Lakes of Neuchâtel and Morat SA. Interrail Pass holders can enjoy 50% discount with the "Société de Navigation sur les lacs de Neuchâtel et Morat SA" and fall even more in love with Swiss nature.


4. First class lounges 

With so many trains crisscrossing the European continent, it is unlikely you will have to spend too much time in the foetal position on an uncomfortable station bench. But if you have a long layover or missed connection, a 1st class Pass gets you access into dozens of lounges throughout the continent. These offer more than a comfortable seat and a foreign-language newspaper. Depending on the lounge, you can expect free snacks, soft drinks, coffee, clean bathrooms and Wi-Fi. Each station has its own requirements for entry. You may need to be embarking on or arriving from an international journey.


Take advantage: travellers with a 1st class Pass can get access to train lounges in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


5. Discounted accommodation 

Your Pass is also a ticket to discounted accommodation in key locations throughout the continent. There are several accommodation partners, including Meininger, who offer 10% discount on hostel and hotel accommodation.


6. Attractions 

If you're a fan of museums, sightseeing tours and other attractions, you will know that these entrance fees can add up quickly. Fortunately, your Pass entitles you to discounted entry to dozens of famous attractions and aboard several sightseeing trips. These vary according to each city, but chances are you will find something that interests you at a marked discount in most destinations ― just be sure to show your Pass when purchasing tickets.


Take advantage: Interrail Pass holders enjoy 20% discount on the top attractions in Rome. It includes the  Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica Skip-the-Line Morning Tour, and so much more!


7. Public transport 

In some countries, your Pass even allows you free travel on local public subway and metro lines. There are a few terms and conditions that you must meet, specific to the city or country. But in cities where you are allowed to travel on certain local lines with your Pass, it will count as a travel day. You will have to record the journey in the Rail Planner app before boarding to avoid any complications. This means that you can save a few euros on the last leg of your journey when arriving in several major cities. Just be sure to double check your Pass’s validity in that city before you confidently hop aboard.


Take advantage: Interrail Passes give you free transportation on Germany’s S-Bahn (suburban metro railways), which is operated by Deutsche Bahn in most major cities. You also have access to high-speed trains and long-distance trains. 


How to use Pass benefits

If you are using Pass benefits that include free Passage or crossing, then you must use a travel day on your Pass. If the benefit is simply a discount on the full fare, then you do not need to use a travel day. Even if you have used up all your travel days on your Pass, but it is still valid, you can use it to obtain discounts. 


In many ways, travelling with a Pass unlocks the best of Europe. You can find hidden discounts and freebies in countries across the continent. The best way to keep ahead of the benefits is to check them up per country on the benefits portal prior to arrival.


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