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Why you should travel with Interrail


There are many reasons why you would want to travel with an Interrail Pass: it's environmentally friendly, a relaxing way of travel, and a great way to enjoy the view, among many other things. Find out about the other reasons why you should get an Interrail Pass, and why our travellers loved their trip.

1) The freedom


No other travel pass gives you access to 40,000 destinations while working the same way in each and every country.

2) The flexibility


You choose the days you travel, letting you stay longer in the places you love.

3) The value


A rail pass might not seem cheap, but for extensive travel with flexibility to make spontaneous decisions, passes offer the best value.

4) The connections


Not only do trains take you to the heart of cities, they're a place you can meet locals and other travellers. 

5) The comfort


Trains give you the space and freedom to move around, play cards or simply enjoy the views.

6) The support


We're here to help plan your trip. From making your order secure to making seat reservations.

What's it like to go on an Interrail adventure?

Without a doubt, the best thing about Interrail is the stories and memories from travellers like you! We love seeing all the videos, photos and tales from trips made be real Interrailers, and have compiled some of our favourites.


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Curious about the Interrail experience? Learn what a train journey across Europe is really like from the people who know best – the Interrailers who've done it!


Interrail according to you

Armed with a map of Europe's rail and ferry routes, you can travel to hidden gems or popular destinations recommended by other travellers. See where other Interrail travellers have been on our Instagram and check out our Facebook Community.

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Get the train pass that'll take you to your dream destinations.

Seriously, it's time to explore Europe!

What our customers say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Enjoyed my experience so much last year! 

Enjoyed my experience so much last year that I am doing it again this year! Would recommend to anyone, such a good way to explore so many cities and take in the culture. Interrail provides so much help when booking and what you need to know. 

TrustPilot from Tulz, United Kingdom 
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very pleased. 10/10 Recommend!


Fantastic, Clear and user friendly website and system they have going on! Would highly recommend. I found it so simple and did not get confused or stressed when spending a lot of money as I knew exactly what I was getting, how and when. Terms and conditions also very clearly stated which is very useful. Thank you.


TrustPilot from Louis, United Kingdom

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