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What is DiscoverEU?

Connecting young people with Europe


DiscoverEU is an EU initiative offering young people the opportunity to travel Europe. The aim is to help Europe’s youth connect with the European identity and raise awareness of the core values of the European Union through travel.


What is DiscoverEU?

Discover EU is an initiative of the European Union which offers young Europeans the opportunity to travel across Europe by train. Funded by the European Parliament, the project aims at supporting 18-year-olds to become more independent, develop soft skills and embrace European values.   


How does it work?

In general there are 2 rounds per year. Awarded travellers are offered the choice between a flexible and a fixed travel option. Over 95% of the participants opt for the flexible option, that is the Interrail Global Pass.


DiscoverEU boosts the ideal of European integration while promoting rail as a climate-friendly mode of transport connecting people across Europe, values that are shared by Eurail. Find out more on the EU Youth Portal.


What is the experience like?


The experience and skills gained during a DiscoverEU journey can be unforgettable. In our Interrail Magazine's DiscoverEU Testimonials, previous participants share their most memorable moments and give advice for anyone thinking of taking part in the future. (English only)


Embark on an adventure like no other


Over the last 40 years, Interrailers have enjoyed a unique travel experience associated with adventure, freedom and flexibility. Interrail creates a gateway to the geographical, historical, and cultural richness of Europe. Rail travel allows both new travellers and seasoned adventurers to immerse themselves in the different cultural fabrics that make Europe such an exciting place to explore.


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