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Interrail Pass for Erasmus+

A Pass valid for 6 months for participants to travel by train during their Erasmus+ experience

4 or 6 travel days in 6 months

An unforgettable experience

Travelling to your exchange can be so much more than going from home city to host city. Chart your own path across Europe and turn your Erasmus+ into the adventure of a lifetime.

Learn more and live more

On an Erasmus+ exchange, learning happens in more than just the classroom. 


Unlock true adventure with your extra travel days. Visit a city you've never seen before, or take the time to explore a small town just a stone's throw from your university. 

Collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

The Interrail Global Pass for Erasmus+ has been developed in collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), one of the biggest student associations in Europe.


Why travel with an Interrail Pass for Erasmus+


Travel sustainably and affordably

  • Erasmus+ offers financial support to participants using sustainable modes of transport. 
  • Consult your home university to learn if and how you can access this support.
  • The classic Interrail youth discount (25% off!) is available to under 28s.



Let your curiosity take you places

  • Live in the in-between moments – hop on the train and let Europe become your teacher.
  • Unlock 33 countries and 33,000 destinations in Europe. Travel by train at your own pace. 



Essential info about this Pass

  • The Interrail Pass for Erasmus+ is a train Pass that grants unlimited travel on participating European train networks on any given travel day. The Pass can have 4 or 6 travel days that you must use within 6 months. 
  • With the Pass, you can travel flexibly in up to 33 European countries, reserving a seat on high-speed trains and night trains or simply hopping on and off as many regional trains as you like adjusting your plans on the go.

How to use the Interrail Pass for Erasmus+

1 Plan your route

Choose the destinations you want to visit and your train journeys.

2 Pick your Pass

Choose a Pass that suits your needs (either 4 or 6 travel days). 

3 Reserve your seats

Book any mandatory seat reservations. 

4 Activate your Pass

Add your Pass to the Rail Planner App and jump on a train!


More info that's good to know

Make your seat reservations in advance 


Some European rail services require Interrail travellers to reserve a seat before boarding the train. Seat reservations are not included in your Pass, but for an extra fee, they guarantee you a comfortable seat on busy routes across Europe. Find out everything you need to know about making seat reservations here.


Who can buy this Pass?

  • This Pass is exclusively available for Erasmus+ participants. 

  • These Passes are only for Interrail travellers participating in Erasmus+; they are not available as Eurail Passes. Non-European Erasmus+ participants must be residents of a European country, and therefore eligible for an Interrail Pass, to take part in the programme.

  • Not an Erasmus+ participant? You can still travel with an Interrail or Eurail Pass


More on how to use the Interrail mobile Pass


Click here to learn how to download the Rail Planner app and use your Interrail Erasmus+ Pass, – from adding your Pass and finding trains to creating trips, making seat reservations, and using travel days. Or contact us if you have any questions about using your Pass.



FAQs for Interrail Pass for Erasmus+

Essential information about the terms and conditions
  • Only European residents participating in the Erasmus+ programme can travel with an Interrail Pass for Erasmus+. If you’re not participating in the Erasmus+ programme, you can still travel with an Interrail or Eurail Pass.   

  • The Interrail Pass for Erasmus+ is valid for travel in your country of residence during one outbound journey and one inbound journey that occur during travel days at any point in your trip. Read more

  • The Interrail Pass for Erasmus+ is valid for travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies. Read more

  • Most high-speed and night trains require a reservation at an additional cost. Read more

  • 1st class Passes are valid in both 1st and 2nd class carriages. 2nd class Passes are only valid in 2nd class carriages.

  • To travel with a Youth Pass, you must be aged from 12 up to and including 27 on the date you choose to start your trip.

Refund and Exchange Policy

The Interrail Pass for Erasmus+ is refundable or exchangeable if it is returned unused. Read our booking terms and our refund & exchange policy

Make your seat reservations soon


We recommend booking any necessary seat reservations in advance, especially on busy routes (reservation fees are not included in the Pass). If you wait to book your reservations, you may discover that no seats are available to book during your preferred travel times. 


You can travel without a seat reservation on most regional trains, but buying a seat reservation is mandatory for some high-speed, international, and night trains. 


Who is eligible to buy this Pass?

To buy this Pass, you must be a citizen or resident of Europe participating in the Eramsus+ programme. Non-European Erasmus+ participants must be residents of a European country to buy this Pass. 

You mentioned Erasmus+ offers financial support to people using sustainable modes of transport. What does this mean?

The European Commission offers “green travel support” for Erasmus+ participants who travel sustainably to and from their home country. To learn more about how to access this financial support, please contact your home university before purchasing a Pass. 

How many Passes can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of Passes an Erasmus+ participant can buy, provided that the Passes are used during the exchange period.


Participants are advised to consult their home university to determine the amount of financial support they are eligible to receive.  

The following countries have railway companies that accept our Pass

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

What rail services can I travel on with my Pass?

Check out the full list of railway companies covered on the Interrail website.

Can I travel in my home country using the Pass?

The Pass allows for up to two journeys in your home country: one to leave and one to return. 


Participants should indicate their home country as their country of residence when ordering the Pass. 

How long is a travel day?

A travel day ends at 23:59 CET of the day you travel, on which you can take all the trains you want! 

Curious about night trains or time zones? 

Train disruptions in Europe

Keep an eye on this page for information about train disruptions that could potentially affect your trip.