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We have received your order and it's being processed, this may take up to 30 minutes. Once the payment has been approved and the reservation has been booked, you'll receive a confirmation email.


After you've received the confirmation email, you can also check the booking in your reservation overview. Here you can:

  • Download your e-tickets
  • Request a refund for your reservation


Important to know


  • Most e-tickets are only valid when they are printed on paper and can often not be shown on a mobile device. Please read the conditions of use on the e-ticket when you receive it.
  • In case your ticket needs to be printed, you need to arrange this before boarding the train.

Paper tickets

  • Paper tickets will not be attached to the confirmation mail as they will be sent to you via registered mail.
  • You can see the order in your reservation overview.
  • Always bring paper reservation tickets on to the train with you.


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Get in touch and our Interrail reservation experts will quickly get back to you!

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When will I receive my seat reservations?


You'll receive your e-ticket reservations within 30 minutes. E-tickets are available for Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux.


Physical reservations take up to 5 business days to process and send out by registered mail. We'll email you when your order is processed!


Can I get a refund for a reservation?

Most reservations are non-refundable. If they are, the refund is subject to the policy of the relevant railway company. 


When you purchase a seat reservation through our website, the refund policy of the relevant railway company and country apply. You can find the applicable refund policies in our Exchange and Refund Conditions for Reservations. Please be aware that most reservation tickets are non-refundable, and no changes can be made after booking.


Requesting a refund


You can request a refund via the Reservations Overview in your personal Interrail account. You will find the option to request a refund at the bottom of the overview box for your selected reservation. Our system will tell you if your train reservation is refundable. After you accept the refund conditions, you can go ahead and cancel the reservation. Make sure to file your request before departure of the train concerned. A cancelled Reservation Ticket can never be reinstated and becomes invalid.

If you’ve got an electronic reservation ticket, the refund will be automatic once your cancellation is confirmed (you don’t need to send the ticket to our office in the Netherlands). ​

Want to return a paper reservation ticket? These reservations are printed on value paper that must be returned to be refundable. We’ll send you the return address once your cancellation is confirmed, and then you need to send the ticket back to our office (within one month of the departure date) for us to start processing the refund. You’re responsible for the cost of shipping, and if your paper ticket gets lost in the post – it’s best to use registered shipping. ​

We will transfer the refundable amount to your original payment method (for paper reservation tickets, you must return the physical ticket(s) first). The refund amount may vary per train type, and booking fees or shipping costs are never refunded.

How do I add trips and travellers to book seat reservations?

To add trips and travellers to your account, follow the instructions on this page:

Getting started with trips and travellers 



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