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Travel disruptions in Europe

On this page you'll find up to date information regarding travel disruptions in Europe. We advise you to always check if there are any current or upcoming disruptions that might affect your Interrail trip. Unfortunately, not all railway companies share such information on their websites, and not all of those that do so offer English translations of these updates.


Please take into account the recent viral outbreaks have led to travel restrictions being applied in some countries in Europe. Some trains between Austria, Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic, for example, have been cancelled. Follow the updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects on train travel on this page.


If you plan on travelling with the Eurostar trainsplease notice there are a few engineering works planned which may affect your travels (throughout March, April and May). 


Several routes and a few train stations will undergo construction and renovation works in 2020, which will affect multiple Austrian regions and some international connections. Check this page for all the details. 


Check this page to see all the planned engineering works in Belgium. Please note that some of these works will affect trains running through main routes, including Bruges - Gand.


The trains 2154 (Sarajevo-Zenica) and 2155 (Zenica-Sarajevo) are suspended due to ongoing works on this route. There is currently no estimate of when this connection will resume.


Some connections between Germany and Croatia will be affected by construction work on the Rosenheim - Munich Hbf line. Trains 498/462 Zagreb GK 21.20 - Munich Hbf. 06.10 and 463/499 Munich Hbf. 23.20 - Zagreb GK 08.36 will have a different timetable:


  • On 31 March, 2020, train 498/462 will take the Rosenheim - Holzkirchen - Mü-Mittersendl - Mü Heimeranplatz auxiliary transport, and therefore through Munich Ost; arrival in Munich Hbf. at 06.30.

Czech Republic

Train traffic will be disrupted on a number of routes in the first half of 2020. Check the planned closures and disruptions below:

Disruptions in the Czech Republic

The following routes are affected or will be affected in the near future:

Všetaty - Mělník; Vraňany - Kralupy nad Vltavou; Vraňany - Lužec nad Vltavou; Bílina - Oldřichov u Duchcova; Modřice - Vranovice; Mohelnice - Červenka; Prosenice - Brodek u Přerova; Prosenice - Brodek u Přerova; Přerov - Lipník nad Bečvou; Lhotka nad Bečvou - Valašské Meziříčí; Olomouc - Sternberk.


Some international connections (to Germany, Austria, France and Hungary) are also affected. You can find more details about both domestic and international disruptions on this page. Unfortunately, this information is only available in Czech; we recommend contacting the Czech railways for more details if you're planning to travel on any of the above routes.  


The Danish railway company (DSB) has planned track work which will affect both regular trains and their S-tog system, including a few main routes, such as Copenhagen - Aalborg and Aalborg - Aarhus. You can see the complete list on this page of their website. 


You can check the latest updates on the Finnish rail network via this page of their website.


For information about upgrades, maintenance and construction works on the French railways, you can visit this page on their website, where they share all the recent updates and maps of their rail network. Please note there are engineering works planned which will affect international routes (Spain-France) in May.


The extensive German rail network is under constant maintenance and expansion. The German national railway company, Deutsche Bahn (DB), dedicates an entire section of their website to delays, track works and passenger rights. Unfortunately, this information is only available in German - for the maintenance/engineering works, you can check this page, while their online timetables have real-time updates on train delays/cancellations.

Great Britain

The National Rail website contains up to date information shared by the British railway companies. On this page you can see updates about current disruptions and traffic status in general. To check if your trip may be affected by future engineering work, please check this page

Eurostar disruptions in May

According to the Eurostar service update page, work on the tracks around Paris and along the lines in Belgium and the Netherlands will disrupt the usual timetables. Furthermore, no Eurostar trains will call at Marseille St Charles station on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May 2020 due to engineering works.


International train traffic to/from Greece is heavily disrupted; please check this page of their website for the most up to date information regarding the available international connections. 


A great alternative for Interrail Pass holders is the trip from Italy to Greece via ferry - check the details here.


Some of the Hungarian rail network, both international and domestic, is or will be affected by works on the tracks in 2020. Check the latest information regarding these disruptions below:

Domestic disruptions

The following routes will be affected within the first half of 2020:


Budapest - Hegyeshalom - Rajka

Esztergom - Almásfüzítő

Tatabánya - Oroszlány

(Budapest - ) Székesfehérvár - Tapolca

Budapest - Székesfehérvár

(Budapest - ) Pusztaszabolcs - Pécs

Budapest - Pusztaszabolcs

Pusztaszabolcs - Börgönd - Székesfehérvár

Sárbogárd - Bátaszék

Budapest - Szob - (Stúrovo)

Aszód - Balassagyarmat - Ipolytarnóc

(Budapest) - Hatvan - Miskolc - Szerencs - Sátoraljaújhely

Budapest - Hatvan

Hatvan - Szolnok

Budapest - Cegléd - Szolnok

(Budapest) - Szolnok - Debrecen - Nyíregyháza - Záhony

Budapest - Újszász - Szolnok

(Budapest) - Szolnok - Békéscsaba - Lőkösháza

Mezőtúr - Orosháza - Mezőhegyes - Battonya

Szolnok - Hódmezővásárhely

Szeged - Békéscsaba

(Budapest -) Cegléd - Szeged

Budapest - Lajosmizse - Kecskemét

Budapest - Kunszentmiklós-Tass - Kelebia


Please check the details with the Hungarian railway company (Máv-Start) if you are planning to travel on these trains during the coming months.

International disruptions

- Due to works on the Polish railways, the EuroCity trains 114, 115, 130 and 131 and Metropol trains 406, 407, 456, 457, 476 and 477 (including the connections Warsaw/Kraków - Budapest and Berlin - Budapest) will operate according to a modified timetable from December 15, 2019 to March 14, 2020.


- Due to works on the German railways (between February 14, 2020 and March 1, 2020), the following trains connecting Munich/Frankfurt and Budapest may suffer delays and schedule changes: RJX66, RJX63 and EN462


- Due to construction on the Romanian railways, trains 346, 347 and 687 (connecting Budapest and Bucharest) will be affected during the following period: January 27, 2020 to May 27, 2020. 


Please check the details with the Hungarian railway company (Máv-Start) if you are planning to travel on these trains during the affected periods.


The Irish railway company (Irish Rail) shares updates about their planned engineering works and affected schedules on this page of their website


Trenitalia, the Italian national railway company, has planned construction and engineering works on several of their routes throughout 2020. While the detailed information is only available in Italian, you can still check if your travel plans will be affected: on this page, you can search for disruptions using either start and end dates or the region in which you will be travelling. 


The Dutch railway company (NS) shares up-to-date information about current disruptions and planned engineering and maintenance work on their lines via their website. 


To see up-to-date information regarding current and planned work on the Norwegian railways, check this page of the official website of the Norwegian railway company (Vy). 


The Polish railway company (PKP) shares up-to-date information about current and planned disruptions on this page of their website.


Combois de Portugal (CP), the Portuguese national railway company, shares information on traffic changes and other news regarding train travel in Portugal through this page of their website.


For up to date information about track works planned by the Slovenian national railway company (SZ), please take a look at this page. They also have a page updated in real time to inform customers about current delays/cancelations.


RENFE, the Spanish national railway company, dedicates this page (unfortunately not available in English) of their website to notices about disruptions and planned works. Please note there are engineering works planned which will affect international routes (Spain-France) in May.


There are several instances of track maintenance and engineering works planned by the Swedish national railways (SJ) in 2020. On this page of their website you can find detailed information about current and upcoming track works.


SBB, the Swiss national railway company, shares all the latest updates on operations, disruptions and delays affecting their rail network on this page of their website.