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Conditions of this Pass

General conditions for everyone
  • Only European residents can travel with an Interrail Pass. If you’re a non-European resident, you can travel with a Eurail Pass. Read more
  • The Interrail Global Pass is valid for travel in your country of residence during one outbound journey and one inbound journey that occur during travel days at any point in your trip. Read more
  • You cannot use the One Country Pass to travel to or from the country your Pass is valid in. The One Country Pass is only valid for travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies in the country covered by your Pass. Read more
  • The Interrail Pass is valid for travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies. Read more
  • Most high-speed and night trains require a reservation at an additional cost. Read more
  • 1st class Passes are valid in both 1st and 2nd class carriages. 2nd class Passes are only valid in 2nd class carriages.
  • All standard Interrail Passes are refundable or exchangeable if they are returned unused. Read our booking terms and our refund & exchange policy
*Additional conditions about our promotional Passes
  • Depending on the promo conditions, promotional Interrail Passes may be non-refundable and non-exchangeable. To check if a purchased promotional pass is refundable or exchangeable, please refer to the payment confirmation. Read more
Additional conditions for Youth travelers
  • To travel with a discounted Youth Pass, you must be aged from 12 up to and including 27 on the date you choose to start your trip. 
Additional conditions for Senior travelers
  • To travel with a discounted Senior Pass, you must be aged 60 or older on the date you choose to start your trip. 
Additional conditions for Adults with Children
  • Children under 4 travel for free and do not need an Interrail Pass. You may be asked to sit a child under 4 on your lap during busy times. If you'd like to reserve a separate seat for your child under 4, then you will need to add a free Child Pass to your order, as it's only possible to book seats/beds for Pass holders. Read more
  • Children aged 4 to 11 travel for free with a Child Pass. A child must be accompanied at all times by at least one person with an Adult Pass. This doesn’t have to be a family member and can be anyone over 18.

  • Children must be 11 or younger on the date you choose to start your trip. 
  • Up to 2 children can travel with 1 adult. For example, when 2 adults are travelling, they can take 4 children with them. If more than 2 children are travelling with 1 adult, a separate Youth Pass must be purchased for each additional child.
  • Children under 12 travel in the same travel class as the accompanying adult.

  • Travellers aged 12 to 27 can travel with a Youth Pass.

One Country Pass 


¿Quieres explorar un país a profundidad? Elige uno de los 33 países europeos para explorarlo de arriba a abajo: te sentirás como un lugareño en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Es flexible, así que puedes ver adónde te lleva el día, e incluye viajes ilimitados en tren por el país que elijas.


Elige un país 

Trenes en Europa


La extensa red ferroviaria de Europa conecta todos los principales destinos europeos, desde las capitales famosas en el mundo entero hasta encantadores pueblos remotos. Elige el tipo de tren que mejor se adapte a tus planes y viaja a donde quieras, de día o de noche.

Descubre más sobre los trenes europeos