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Immersive food experiences with locals

Enjoy home-cooked meals with your new friends

Looking for a truly unique and local travel experience? Immerse yourself in European food and culture through EatWith, the world's largest community for culinary experiences with locals. From a dinner party in Berlin to tapas tasting in Barcelona, wine and dine with hand-selected hosts you'll love!

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Hungarian Cuisine

Eatwith | Regina

Where: Budapest, Hungary

Host: Regina

Prices from €36 p.p.

The Ultimate Brunch

Eatwith | Camille

Where: London, England

Host: Camille

Prices from €31 p.p.

Portuguese flavours

Eatwith | Elsa

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Hosts: Elsa & Vanda

Prices from €36 p.p.


Italian Food Lovers

Eatwith | Benny Bula

Where: Rome, Italy

Hosts: Benny & Bula

Prices from €30 p.p.

Wine & Cheese Night

Eatwith | Sevy

Where: Paris, France

Host: Sevy

Prices from €29 p.p.

A Cosy Dinner

Eatwith | Fiama

Where: Rome, Italy

Host: Fiamma Debora

Prices from €47 p.p.


Eatwith | Konrad

Where: London, England

Host: Konrad

Prices from €42 p.p.

Dinner from the Sea

Eatwith | Lia

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Host: Lia

Prices from €42 p.p.

Quiche in Notre-Dame

Eatwith | Philippe

Where: Paris, France

Hosts: Philippe & Dzianis

Prices from €36 p.p.

Terms and Conditions

  •  Find European hosts and meals through our selected partner EatWith.
  • is not responsible for any changes, refunds, or complaints regarding social dining.
  •  Any queries about social dining must be dealt with EatWith directly.


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