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Institutional partnerships

Are you part of an institution, non-profit or public organisation, school or university? 

Eurail can support you with projects that advocate for the positive impact of travel and the importance of train travel as an efficient and sustainable way to explore Europe and discover its beauty at your own pace. 


We can offer you tailor-made solutions to deliver small to large-scale travel services across 33 European countries with our iconic rail travel passes.



Get ready to join forces with us for: 

  • Bulk purchases of Interrail/Eurail Passes
  • Short to long-term projects that involve train travel in Europe
  • Initiatives that advocate for the positive impact of travel 
  • Best way to promote destinations and cultural itineraries



Since 1972, we've been a patron for youth initiatives to: 

  • Promote sustainable mobility and European values
  • Enhance destinations' visibility
  • Contribute towards the shift to rail
  • Improve the overall perception of rail travel

Added value?


You will partner up with an iconic and well-loved travel brand. 


We are widely perceived as a positive brand with a high engagement level, especially among youngsters.


DiscoverEU: large-scale travel initiative of the European Union


DiscoverEU is an initiative of the European Union giving young Europeans the opportunity to travel across Europe by train, with an Interrail Pass. The European Commission has selected Eurail as the provider of travel tickets for DiscoverEU through a call for tenders. The aim is to support 18-year-olders to become more independent, develop soft skills and embrace European values. Organised for the first time in 2018, young people have embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm ever since. Nearly 350,000 young people applied for the almost 70,000 travel passes available over four application rounds in 2018-2019. DiscoverEU was then included in the Eramsus+ programme and continued in October 2021 with another application round awarding Interrail Passes to 60,000 young Europeans to travel in 2022


Discover EU poster 2


“I won the Interrail Pass last year and went on to experience the best year of my whole life. The life of the traveller is the best way to live! One morning you wake in Porto and by the evening you are looking for accommodation in Valencia. It's exciting to live like that!” M. from Slovakia


“My journey was fantastic. All the things that happened to me and all the memories I made during my trip will stay with me for my whole life. I really loved it! I realised how much I love travelling by train, how many incredible places I can get to and, most importantly, that flexible travel is much more enjoyable than following fixed itineraries.” S. from Hungary

Exploring Europe without borders — City of Monheim am Rhein


The city of Monheim am Rhein in Germany has joined forces with Eurail to offer Interrail Passes for free to its young citizens (18 to 20 y.o.). This initiative draws inspiration from the values and goals of DiscoverEU, while being locally oriented.


Monheim logo small version


‘Monheim am Rhein is a city open to the world and especially to Europe. We are very glad that we started to offer free interrail Passes to young Monheim citizens in 2019. Thanks to the excellent and trusty cooperation of Eurail we were able to establish a smooth process. The collaboration with Eurail is easy and always solution oriented. We are very much looking forward to see a lot of Monheim youngsters travel in Europe by train’. B. Rhiel, Monheim am Rhein City Council.

EU Sustainable Mobility campaigns


Eurail is proud to partner with Engaging Society for Sustainability (ES4S), the first Brussels based think-tank active to foster a more sustainable behavior at global level. The #EUSustainableMobility initiative is a 3-year project aimed at collecting perceptions and opinions on mobility from thousands of young citizens living across Europe. 


In the effort to boost both awareness and behavior around the importance of new sustainable mobility models, each campaign entails different challenges and include a final event where policy makers, private and non-profit sectors exchange best practices and award young winners with Interrail Passes to travel sustainably around Europe.



EU sustainable mobility 2

Green Eramsus+ with Coimbra Group


Eurail and the international association of universities Coimbra Group have launched a pilot campaign to promote train travel for Erasmus+ academic mobility exchanges. With already positive results, the initiative aims at testing the interest of university students in train travel as a more sustainable way to move around Europe for their studies.


‘The relationship between Eurail and the Coimbra Group aims at encouraging Erasmus+ participants to travel by train and support the efforts of universities in their transition towards a greener Erasmus+. The cooperation has been both pleasant and efficient and we have all learned a lot throughout this collaboration!’ 

E. Gardan, Coimbra Group Director.





We work with the following current and previous partners:

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