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International train reservation fees

This is a list of reservation fees for European international trains. Find out if reservations for your train are compulsory, recommended or optional. 

You can reserve your international trains through the Reservation Service


Please note that the reservation fees given on this page are indicative only and are subject to change. Prices may be different when you book your reservations through an agent or when you pay in the local currency.

Most popular international trains

Train route Train name Reservations Reservation fees
Berlin - Prague EuroCity (EC) Optional €3.60
Amsterdam - Cologne ICE Optional €6
Paris - Barcelona Renfe-SNCF (RSC) Mandatory €34.20 / €48.40
Paris - Stuttgart TGV Mandatory €13 / €30
Paris - Turin/Milan TGV Mandatory €31 / €45
Amsterdam - Brussels Thalys (THA) Mandatory €20
Amsterdam - Paris Thalys (THA) Mandatory €30
Prague - Vienna RailJet (RJ) Optional €3.60
Paris - Basel TGV Lyria Mandatory €34 / €68
London - Paris Eurostar (ES) Mandatory €30 / €38


All international trains

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EuroCity Berlin-Warsaw/Gdynia Express (Germany, Poland)

Route: Berlin - Poznan - Warsaw and Berlin - Gdansk - Gdynia

Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €4
1st class: €4

EuroCity (Germany, Austria, Italy (via Brennero)

Route: Munich - Innsbruck - Bolzano - Verona - Milan / Bologna / Venice


If you travel from/to/within Italy on this train, reservations are mandatory:

2nd class: €10.00

1st class: €15.00


If you travel within Germany and/or Austria, reservations are optional:

2nd class: €6.00

1st class: €6.00

EuroCity Italy-Switzerland (ITA – CH)

Reservation compulsory

2nd class: €11 / 1st class: €13

Eurostar (Belgium, France, Great Britain)


London - Paris and London - Brussels

  • Standard class: 30 euros
  • Standard Premier class: 38 euros


London - Amsterdam

  • Standard class: 35 euros
  • Standard premier class: 43 euros


Reservations for the Eurostar are compulsory. Travelers with a 2nd class Pass can only travel in Standard Class. Travelers with a 1st class Pass can travel in both classes. It's not possible to travel in Business Premier class with an Interrail Pass.

ICE (France, Germany)

Route: Frankfurt / Mannheim - Paris / Marseille / Stuttgart / Munich / Karlsruhe
Reservation compulsory only for international travel.
2nd class: €13
1st class: €30

ICE / ICE International (Germany to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland)

Reservation optional, not compulsory.
Fees: 1st class: 5.90 euros / 2nd class: 4.50 euros

Between 12 June and 4 September, reservations are compulsory for ICE services between Germany and Denmark.

InterCity Stockholm-Oslo

Reservation compulsory
2nd class: €6.60 / 1st class: €16

International trains (Czech Republic, Poland)

Route: Czech Republic - Poland

Reservation compulsory.
2nd and 1st class: €4.

International trains (Hungary, Romania)

All destinations in long distance traffic

Reservation compulsory.
2ndand 1st class: €3

InterCity Göteborg-Oslo (VY Regiontog)

Reservation optional

Fees: €5.40
VY Komfort Class: €11.40 (upgrade is free for 1st class pass holders when reservation is made in Norway)

ÖBB Intercitybus (Austria, Italy)

Route: Klagenfurt - Villach - Udine - Venice
Reservation compulsory. Rail replacement service.
2nd class: €9
1st class: €14

This is a bus service that can't be booked by our Reservation Service.

Railjet (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland)

Route: Vienna / Salzburg - Prague / Budapest / Munich / Zürich
Reservation optional.
Fees - 2nd and 1st class: from €3.50
Upgrade to business class: €15

More about Railjet

RegioJet (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Poland)

Route: Prague - Brno - Bratislava* / Vienna. Prague - Ostrava - Kosice - Humenne (Slovakia)
Reservation optional.

Fees - 1st class: €5, 2nd class: €3
Business class: €10


*Trains with number 1046/1047 on the Prague – Bratislava route are not included in your Interrail Pass. 

RENFE-SNCF in cooperation (France, Spain)

Route: Paris - Barcelona
Reservation compulsory. Pass must be valid in both France and Spain.
2nd class: €34
1st class: €48


Route: Madrid - Barcelona - Marseille
Reservation compulsory. Pass must be valid in both France and Spain.
2nd class: €34
1st class: €48


Route: Barcelona - Toulouse
Reservation compulsory. Pass must be valid in both France and Spain.
2nd class: €15
1st class: €20


Route: Barcelona - Lyon
Reservation compulsory. Pass must be valid in both France and Spain.
2nd class: €19
1st class: €26


More about the Renfe-SNCF high-speed train

SJ High Speed Trains (Sweden, Denmark)

Route: Stockholm - Kopenhagen
Reservation compulsory. 1st class includes breakfast before 9 AM, wifi, fruit, coffee, tea all day.
2nd class: €6.60
1st class: €16

TGV (France, Belgium)

Route: Brussels - southern France (not connecting Paris)
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €20 / 1st class: €30

TGV (France, Germany)

Route: Paris – Karlsruhe / Stuttgart / Munich and Paris / Marseille - Frankfurt / Mannheim
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €13
1st class: €30

TGV (France-Italy)

Route: Paris - Lyon - Milan
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €31 / 1st class: €45


Tickets for the TGV route between Milan and Paris can't be bought at Italian train stations.
There's a RailEurope office close to Milan Central station (Milano Centrale).
Here you can book the TGV from Milan to Paris or get help finding alternative routes.

Address: Via Viturvio 1. 20214 Milano
Phone number: +39 0240 32 35

The office is a 15-minute walk from Milan Central Station.

TGV Lyria (France, Switzerland)

Route: Paris - Basel / Zurich / Bern / Lausanne / Genève
Reservation compulsory for international routes. No reservation required for travel within Switzerland.
2nd class: from €21 / 1st class: from €54


Route: Genève - Cote d'Azur / Montpellier / Marseille
Reservation compulsory for international routes. No reservation required for travel within Switzerland.
2nd class: from €17 / 1st class: from €26

TGV Paris-Luxembourg

Route: Paris - Luxembourg City

Reservation compulsory.
2nd and 1st class: €6

Thalys (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany)

Route: Paris – Belgium

Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €25
1st class: €25


Route: Paris - Germany
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €30
1st class: €30


Route: Paris – the Netherlands
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €30
1st class: €30


Route: Lille - the Netherlands
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €20
1st class: €20


Route: Belgium - the Netherlands
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €20
1st class: €20


Route: Belgium - Germany
Reservation compulsory.
2nd class: €25
1st class: €25


Travellers with a 2nd class Pass can access only the 2nd class (Standard) seats on Thalys. 

Those with a 1st class Pass can access both 2nd (Standard) and 1st class (Comfort or Premium).

If Premium class seats are no longer available, people travelling with a 1st class Pass will be offered a seat in Comfort class instead.

All seats are subject to availability.


For details and fares for other routes, see the Thalys website