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Win 2 Interrail Passes: Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions (hereinafter: “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the “2 x Interrail/Eurail Global Passes" prize draw (hereinafter: “Prize Draw”). The Prize Draw is run by Eurail B.V., Leidseveer 10, 3511SB, Utrecht, the Netherlands, for the purpose of promoting the Interrail Pass.
  • The Prize Draw can be entered by leaving your valid email address and other required data such as country and first name on the newsletter subscription points on the Eurail/Interrail website. You will have a chance to win the prize (hereinafter: “Prize”), as described in Article 3, upon participation.
  • By entering the Prize Draw, participants automatically accept these Terms and Conditions.


    Version: 1.2 / 8 February 2022

Article 1: Organiser and Participation

1.1.    The Monthly Prize Draw is organised by Eurail B.V., a private company with limited liability, with its registered office at Leidseveer 10 (3511 SB), Utrecht, The Netherlands, listed in the Commercial Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry under number 30206952.

1.2.     In order to participate in the Prize Draw you need to subscribe to the Eurail/Interrail newsletter, accept the terms and conditions and select to enter the Prize draw. The subscription to the newsletter will require you to share your email address and certain personal details.

1.3.    The Prize Draw is open to all natural persons of 18 years or older at the time of entering in the Prize Draw. Employees and relatives of Eurail B.V., sponsors or other persons directly related to this Prize Draw are excluded from participation.

1.4.    A valid passport or ID card, and potentially a visa, is required to travel with an Eurail/Interrail Pass. For further information on requirements of travelling with the Passes please visit or In case you are younger than 18, parental consent is required to travel with the Eurail/Interrail Pass.

1.5.    Only one entry is allowed per specific email address.

1.6.    The Prize Draw is open for participation on a monthly base for the months February 2022 until and including December 2023. A month starting on the first day of the month at 00:01 CET and ending on the last they of said month at 23:59 CET. The actual draw and selection of the winner will take place in the consecutive month to the participation month.

1.7.    Participation in the competition is free of charge, does not entail any additional fees for the participants and is not dependent on previous purchases of Eurail products. Costs made by the participant for, for example, but limited to, Internet connection costs, will not be reimbursed by Eurail B.V..

Article 2: Ranking and Prizes

2.1. Eurail B.V. will create a randomized draw for the winner of the Prize Draw.

2.2. The draw and awarding will take place on the first Monday of every month, awarding the prize for the previous month.

2.3. The results of the Prize Draw will be announced on the Eurail website as well as in the newsletter within three months after each Prize Draw.

2.4. Eurail will contact the winner directly and requested to claim their Prize and share the required information by email for Prize processing within 96 hours.

2.5. In case a winner is nonresponsive within 96 hours, an additional draw will be held and all rights of the first-picked winner will expire.

2.6. All decisions made by Eurail B.V. regarding this Prize Draw shall be considered final; no correspondence will be entered into about the prizes and how they were awarded.

2.7.  The prizes consist of two (2) second Class seven travel days in one-month Global Pass.

2.8. Product Terms and Conditions are applicable on the use of the Global Pass.

2.9. The Prize is not refundable, transmissible nor redeemable for cash.

Article 3: Conditions of Use of the Prize

3.1. Standard product Terms and conditions apply to the use of the Global Pass.

3.2. The winner must complete a booking form with traveller information to claim the Prize. The first day of Pass validity of the Prize must be within 11 months of receiving the Prize Booking form from Eurail B.V.

3.3. The Prize will be processed and delivered to the winner within 30 Days of receiving the correctly completed booking form.

3.4. Eurail B.V. will not provide any insurance for the winner. Eurail B.V. and its partners will not assume nor accept any liability in the event of an injury or loss or damage to property of the winner.

3.5. The winner is advised to arrange medical insurance valid in all countries in which their travel will take place prior of commencement of their travels.

3.6. The winner is advised to arrange travel insurance valid in all countries in which their travel will take place prior of commencement of their travels.

3.7. Health instructions/ COVID-19

             a.      The winner guarantees to follow all rules and regulations set forth by countries when travelling.

             b.      The winner will be responsible to check all requirements for travelling to the countries on their itinerary. Eurail                          B.V. will not provide advice nor guidance on compliance on regulations set forth by countries visited by the                              winner. 

             c.       All costs incurred to ensure compliance to regulations (e.g. PCR testing) are for the expense of the winner.

             d.      Eurail B.V. will not assume or accept liability for any direct or indirect costs incurred by the winner due to travel                        restrictions in certain countries nor in case of repatriation.

3.8. The winner is responsible for all taxes, costs and other expenses that are not explicitly included in or connected to the Prize (including, but not limited to, costs for visa application and train reservations), and agreed that upon accepting the Prize does so entirely at their own risk and responsibility. 

Article 4: Disclaimer

4.1. Eurail B.V. is not responsible for:

           a.      providing transport services outside the reach of its Global Passes.

           b.      any technical issues or damages in relation to the participation in the Prize Draw, as well as claims and                                    damages, relating to and resulting from the undertaken trip.

           c.      inability to travel due to invalid personal identification document

           d.      any problems with the network, computer hardware or software, or any breakdown or failure that results in the                        participants entry to be not received, incomplete or damaged. 

4.2. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to disqualify participants without providing notice or having to provide a reason, in case of suspicion of fraud or misconduct.

4.3. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to disqualify an entry without providing notice or having to provide a reason in case the participant breaches the rules of these Terms and Conditions or law.

4.4. Eurail B.V. has the right to reject entries that do not meet these Terms and Conditions.

4.5. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to end or amend the Prize Draw Prizes, definitions and any other information, or to cancel this Prize Draw at any time without prior notice.

4.6: Eurail B.V. reserves the right to request written proof of a possible winner’s residence and age before awarding a prize.

Article 5: Privacy and Data Processing

5.1. Eurail B.V.'s privacy policy conditions are available at and are applicable to this Prize Draw.

5.2. You grant Eurail B.V. permission to collect and process your personal data as required for the Prize Draw and potential processing of your Prize. 

5.3: Participation in the Prize Draw is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Article 6: Dispute Settlement

6.1. Eurail B.V. acts in accordance with the Dutch Code Promotional Gaming 2014 (Gedragscode Promotionele Kansspelen 2014).

6.2. Complaints about this Prize Draw can be sent to Eurail B.V. PO Box 2338, 3500 GH, Utrecht, The Netherlands or to

6.3. Any disputes, controversies between the you and Eurail B.V. arising out of or in connection to the Prize Draw, the terms and conditions and the privacy statement shall, at first, be subject to an amicable resolution process.

6.4. Where, pursuant to the previous paragraph, an amicable resolution proves unfruitful or impossible, the conflict will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Midden-Nederland (situated in Utrecht the Netherlands). The governing law will be Dutch Law.