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What is InterRail?


InterRail is your key to exploring Europe. Hop on and off many of Europe’s trains by simply showing your InterRail pass.

Sit back, chill and enjoy the spectacular views as you move from one cool destination to the next on board Europe’s trains. Go in search of sandy beaches, top nightlife and new friends from around the world.



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Italy Portugal Spain France Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Serbia Ireland Switzerland Turkey Greece Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Poland Bulgaria Romania Slovakia Czech Republic Montenegro Hungary Austria Slovenia Croatia Germany Great Britain Bosnia-Herzegovina Macedonia


Population: 5.4 million

Head up north by train for views of Finland's great wilderness & glistening lakes.


Population: 10.8 million

The rugged mountains of Greece are in full view from the train window.


Population: 10 million

Snap some pictures from the train window of Hungary's farmland & quaint villages.


Population: 5 million

For top views of Norway's mezmerizing scenery hop on board the train!


Population: 20.1 million

Catch sight of Romania's impressive Bucegi Mountains from the train window.


Population: 47.2 million

Travel between Spain's main cities on board comfortable high-speed trains.


Population: 9.5 million

Take the train north to Swedish Lapland for the Northern Lights & ice fishing!


Population: 5.6 million

Take a relaxing train ride through Denmark's pretty countryside.


Capital: Dublin
Population: 4.6 mln

Admire the "Emerald Isle's" lush green countryside from the comfort of your seat.


Population: 59.7 million

Take a train ride though Tuscany's rolling hills for unforgettable views!


Population: 10.5 million

Take in views of Portuguese vineyards, the Douro River & charming villages.


Population: 8.4 million

Enjoy "The Sound of Music"-like views from the train window.

Czech Republic

Population: 10.5 million

Hop off the train at some of the charming towns in the Czech Republic.


Population: 80 million

Take a scenic train ride through Germany's beautiful Black Forest.


Population: 65 million

The train runs alongside France's Côte d'Azur coastline - the views are breathtaking!


Population: 8 million

The Swiss Alps, turquoise lakes & charming Swiss cabins - all on one train ride!


Population: 7.3 million

Admire views of Bulgaria's conifers, deciduous forest and open fields.


Population: 540,000

Snap some shots from the train of the rolling hills of Luxembourg's Ardennes.


Population: 16.8 million

Play "spot the windmill" as you travel by train through the Dutch countryside!


Population: 38.2 million

Gaze out the train window at Poland's farmland and pretty cottages.


Population: 5.4 million

Enjoy the beautiful train ride to Slovakia's Tatra mountains.


Population: 11 million

Take advantage of Belgium's fast, efficient train network.

Great Britain

Population: 63 million

Gaze out of the window at Great Britain's rolling patchwork hills.


Population: 75.6 million

The Turkish train network connects all corners of this fascinating country.


Population: 4.5 million

Trainride through BosniaHerzogovina is like being transported through Tolkien's Shire


Population: 2 million

Sit back and relax as you're whisked through FYR Macedonia's mountainous terrain.


Population: 4.2 million

Take the train south to Split to enjoy Croatia's stunning coast and islands.


Population: 2 million

Sit by the window for a showcase of Slovenia's glorious scenery!


Population: 7.2 million

Take the train to southern Serbia - you're in for a scenic treat!


Population: 625,000

The views from the train look like something out of "Lord of the Rings"!
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Do I need an InterRail pass or a Eurail pass?

To use an InterRail pass you must be a European resident and must have lived in Europe for at least 6 months before the first day of travel with the pass. Non-European residents cannot travel with an InterRail pass and can instead use a Eurail pass.

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