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Why taking the train is the best option


The train is one of the cleanest ways of transport, especially on longer distances. Compared to cars and airplanes, trains consume little energy and emit a lot less greenhouse gases. We've taken 3 popular routes and compared the emissions from trains, cars and planes. See for yourself!

Plane VS train


Flying from one destination to another in Europe can be quite cheap nowadays, with prices sometimes starting as low as €30 one way. Great deal right?! However, the planet pays the price for these cheap tickets... and it's not looking good.


Flying emits on average 6 times more greenhouse gases than a high speed train. Short flights especially, are big polluters. Considering that European capitals are quite close to each other, there are a lot of shorter flights within Europe. Taking the train on these short routes, instead of flying, can really help in reducing the emissions of airplanes.


Berlin to Prague




Paris to Barcelona




Amsterdam to Berlin




Car VS train


Renting a car is also something that people like to do, to drive to their next destination. However, unless you're planning to hire a fully electric car, this is a lot more damaging than taking the train.


Besides it emitting more CO2, cars are the biggest contributers to summer smog (Nitrogen oxides and nonmethane hydrocarbons). Driving is also more tiring and it often takes longer than the train, especially if you get stuck in traffic.  

Berlin to Prague




Paris to Barcelona




Amsterdam to Berlin




Where did we get this data from?

The amounts of emitted greenhouse gases were obtained by using the calculator of EcoPassenger. We used the following settings for our search queries:

  • Middle class car, conventional gasoline and 2 passengers in the car
  • Average load factor for train and flight and CO2-emissions with climate factor
  • National production mix


Of course you're welcome to try other search queries with different settings. Compare the emissions from trains with your own car, for example! You'll see that there will be big differences per route and between emissions for trains, cars and planes. 

How the European railways boost the economy


Railway transport is not only a core means of passenger and freight transport but also has extensive impacts on the EU economy. 


The EU railway sector, so including both train operation and railway infrastructure management, directly employs 1.06 million people and directly generates € 66 billion in gross value added. Its direct contribution to EU GDP is higher than that of air or water transport. 


More reasons why train travel is the best

Sometimes you have no other option but to fly (if you live on an island for example). But if we could, we would take the train everywhere! Read along to find out why.

From having no legroom to getting stuck in traffic; there are a lot of reasons why travelling by bus is not our favourite thing to do. We'll explain why.