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Northern Germany and Denmark


Norther Germany and Denmark in summer are something special. The days become effortlessly long, the countryside springs to life and people want to be outside as much as possible. Here are some summer destinations to include in your rail itinerary.

1. Hamburg, Germany: first stop

Why go?

This great harbour city in the north of Germany is a bit of a hidden gem. With beautiful museums, the famous Elbphilarmonie and a lot of history. Visit the beautiful warehouses of Speicherstadt, maybe even go for a boat ride through the canals to see it from a different perspective.

2. Sylt, Germany: island vibes

Why go?

You don't have to go far from Hamburg to find some nice beaches and island vibes. Sylt is an island in the Wadden Sea, next to the border with Denmark. It's a great destination for nature lovers, with beautiful dunes, beaches and nature parks.  


How to get there:

This beautiful island is connected to Hamburg by a direct train. The ride takes just under 3 hours, so sit back and relax, the beach is near!

3. Aarhus, Denmark: danish design

Why go?

On to the next iconic harbour city! Aarhus is a small city, but it's jam-packed with picturesque streets, amazing spots for food and lots of other fun activities, including shopping for some awesome Danish design.


How to get there

Aarhus is well connected to the rest of Denmark, so this city definitely deserves a spot on your itinerary.

4. Roskilde, Denmark: vikings and water sports

Why go?

Roskilde is the home of the Roskilde festival, but it has much more to offer! It's one of Denmark's oldest cities so there's a lot of (viking!) history and interesting sights to see. Luckily it's situated on a lake, so on hot days you can easily cool off or do some cool water sports.


How to get there

Roskilde is just 20 - 30 minutes away from Copenhagen by train, and there are regular connections throughout the day.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark: Amager Strandpark

Why go?

There are few better places to spend a summer’s day in Denmark than at Amager Beach Park. The artificial island has nearly two and a half miles of beaches. During summer months it bustles with sunbathers, swimmers and other adventure seekers.

How to get there

Copenhagen is easy to reach by rail, with regular connections from within Denmark and throughout Scandinavia. Amager Beach Park is a short metro ride from Copenhagen central station.


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