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2 month summer itinerary

A community itinerary from Heather

With an Interrail Global Pass you can go wherever you like in 33 countries across Europe. This means that every trip follows a unique itinerary! Our Interrail community have sent us many maps, photos and itineraries over the years, and we love to see where the Pass has taken you. 


This itinerary was sent to us by Heather, who travelled from Finland to 17 countries last summer! Her route took her to many of Europe's biggest attractions, as well as some secret spots. Heather's photos from 10 of those countries are a perfect starting place for inspiration as you plan your next trips.


We've also added some travel tips to send you on your way.

It may not be possible to travel all of Heather's itinerary this summer, due to current travel restrictions. Make sure to check our Coronavirus Information Centre before making any reservations or other bookings.

Heather's itinerary

''At this uncertain time I thought I’d share the highlights from my amazing 2-month-long trip around Europe last summer with Interrail... we did 17 different countries on the 2 month Global Pass and it was the best experience of my life ❤️.'' - Heather



1. Germany




A historic trading town that forms the rail gateway to Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Its most known attraction also happens to be a gate - the red-brick Holstentor city gate (pictured above).




Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

A 2h 40m journey, including a stop in Hamburg, will bring you to Germany's capital, Berlin. You'll want to stay in the city as long as you can, to discover its history, landmarks and nightlife.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :

  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin Südkreuz

  • 4h 13m

    Réservation facultative

  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague Hlavni Nadrazi

2. Czech Republic





Prague's incredible skyline can be a lot to take in. Thankfully it has enough high places to see it all from different angles. Try Letna Hill to see the Vltava River and its many bridges; Petrín Tower to view the old centre and castle complex; or the Klementinum for a view like this, amongst the orange rooftops.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague Hlavni Nadrazi

  • 4h 6m
  • Linz, Austria

    Linz Hbf

  • 1h 10m
  • Salzburg, Austria

    Salzburg Hbf

3. Austria




There's no direct route from Prague to Salzburg, so why not stop off in some of central Europe's smaller cities... Discover characterful Český Krumlov in Bohemia, or Austria's thrid-largest city Linz, all before you enjoy Mozart's birthplace.




2 hours 30 minutes from Salzburg (via Attnang-Puchheim) is a view that is definitely worth the journey! Hallstatt is the most magical town of the Upper Austria lake district.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :

  • Hallstatt, Austria


  • 2h 4m
  • Linz, Austria

    Linz Hbf

  • 1h 14m

    Réservation facultative

  • Vienna, Austria

    Wien Hbf

  • 0h 59m
  • Bratislava, Slovakia


4. Slovakia



Bratislava Castle, Bratislava

You may want to break your journey in Austria's capital, Vienna, as you head east to the capital of Slovakia. Picturesque Bratislava has a lively historic centre and a grand castle (pictured above) overlooking both the city and the Danube river.

5. Hungary



Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest

A journey of 3h 47m via Vienna will drop you into Budapest without needing to make reservations. Once there you can enjoy the Széchenyi thermal baths or a cruise on the Danube.

6. Slovenia




Bled Castle, Lake Bled

An overnight journey, taking the daily EuroNight from Vienna at 1:40am, will bring you to Slovenia's most-famous spot in time for a lakeside sunrise. Lake Bled, with its iconic island and castle, is a perfect backdrop for outdoor summer activities, including swimming, hiking and SUP-ing.

A once daily night train, leaving Bled at 12:36am, will take you to Italy via Austria.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :


  • Bled, Slovenia

    Lesce Bled

  • 0h 55m

    Réservation obligatoire

  • Villach, Austria

    Villach Hbf

  • 3h 49m

    Réservation obligatoire

  • Venice, Italy

    Venezia S. Lucia

7. Italy




The famous city of canals is built across more than 100 small islands.



Colosseum, Rome

A 3h 48m direct train from Venice (with reservation) will bring you to the geographic, political and cultural centre of Italy.




Just under 3 hours from Rome is the famous Leaning Tower. It's just a 20 minute walk from the central train station.

Cinque Terre



The Cinque Terre is a stretch of five historic seaside villages along the Ligurian coastline: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Monterosso, Vernazza and Corniglia. an Interrail Pass is perfect for exploring them... Arrive at La Spezia central station (about an hour from Pisa), then take the Cinque Terre train. It connects each of the 5 villages and is covered by the Interrail Pass!


Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :

  • La Spezia, Italy

    La Spezia Centrale

  • 1h 25m

    Réservation obligatoire

  • Genova, Italy

    Genova Brignole

  • 2h 28m
  • Ventimiglia, Italy


  • 0h 30m
  • Monaco

    Monaco Monte Carlo

8. Monaco



The Japanese Garden, Monte Carlo

The tiny but wealthy principality of Monaco may not be included in our list of 33 Interrail Pass countries, but a Pass is still valid for travel there! Stop off for sun, sea and luxury.

9. Spain



Sagrada Família, Barcelona

To avoid a long journey, it's best to stop off in one of the seaside towns of the southern coastline of France. Then take a direct train from Nîmes (France) to Barcelona in 3h 40m (reservation required). In the capital of Catalonia, you can enjoy Gaudí's fantastical architecture and relax at La Rambla or the beach.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :

  • Barcelona, Spain


  • 3h 10m

    Réservation obligatoire

  • Madrid, Spain

    Madrid-Puerta De Atocha

Transfer between stations in Madrid, then take the Renfe Trenhotel night train to Lisbon. It leaves at 21:50 daily and arrives in Lisbon at 7:20. You must reserve a seat or sleeper cabin in advance.

Temps de trajet :


Changement :


Réservation requise :

  • Madrid, Spain

    Madrid Chamartin

  • 9h 30m

    Réservation obligatoire

  • Lisbon, Portugal

    Lisbon Oriente

10. Portugal




Our snapshot of Heather's 2 month itinerary concludes at the Atlantic coast in Ericeira, considered the surfing capital of Europe. It lies outside of Portugal's rail network, but can be reached in an hour by bus from Lisbon.

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As you start travelling again, we're challenging you to reconnect with Europe and discover places you may have overlooked before... Follow your curiosity and embrace the new way of travelling. 


For more itinerary inspiration you can find routes of all sizes, ranging from 2-months across Europe to in-depth single country tours, on our recommended routes page.



To follow Heather's itinerary, or to add even more countries, then there is only one Pass for you - the Interrail Global Pass, with access to the rail networks of 33 countries in Europe.