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The Interrail Attica Pass

Can Italian and Greek residents use the Greek Islands Pass?

Yes. Both Italian and Greek residents can use the Greek Islands Pass.

If I want to travel in mainland Greece and the islands, do I have to buy 2 passes?

Yes. The Interrail Greek Islands Pass is the only Pass that offers ferry trips in the Greek Islands. If you would like to also travel in mainland Greece or any other countries you should combine the Greek Islands Pass with an additional Pass that is valid for those countries.

Do I need anything besides my Greek Islands pass to board the ferries?

Yes, you will need a boarding pass for each ferry, which you can pick up at the embarkation port. We advise you to be at the port about two hours before departure.

Can I bring my children for free?

Yes, children aged 0-11 travel for free on the ferries. They have to be accompanied by an adult with a valid Interrail Greek Islands Pass at all times.

Is the international journey between Italy and Greece compulsory?
No. The international ferry between Italy and Greece is optional. However, if you choose not to travel between Italy and Greece, you can't substitute your international crossings for extra domestic trips.
What accommodation do I get with my Greek Islands Pass?

On the international ferry routes between Italy and Greece, 1st class pass holders are entitled to a bed in a 4-bed cabin. 2nd class pass holders are entitled to Aircraft Type seats.

I want to make more than 4 domestic ferry trips in Greece. Is there a discount?

Yes, holders of the Interrail Greek Islands Pass get a 30% discount on all additional ferry routes operated by the Attica Group. Please keep in mind that your pass still has to be valid in order to get the discount.