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Tour Europe with 1 rail Pass

Follow your curiosity around up to 33 countries, travelling at your own pace by train

Tour Europe by train 
with 1 Pass
Create the itinerary
for your perfect trip
Travel flexibly on trains
that don’t need reservations
Stay conscious
and travel sustainably

Build your Interrail adventure in 4 steps

Secure your plans by reserving seats

  • Check if you need to reserve seats to board your trains. Popular trains fill up fast, so book early!
  • Looking for flexibility? Check our reservation-free routes or travel off-peak.

Most popular rail Passes

Global Pass

5 travel days


  • Travel any 5 days within 1 month
  • Perfect for visiting 4–6 destinations
  • 100% refundable within 7 days—85% after

Global Pass

7 travel days


  • Travel any 7 days within 1 month
  • Perfect for visiting 6-8 destinations
  • 100% refundable within 7 days—85% after

”We were on the road for two months and traveled to 16 cities and 10 countries. Through Interrail you get the chance to create your own individual route.” Tamara and Natalie


“I had the freedom to go at my own pace and find unexpected adventures, enjoying spectacular landscapes and discovering natural beauty. In short, a unique and unforgettable adventure." Lucas


"I loved Interrailing! It was cool to see how trains operate in different countries, and how the European network is interlinked. I can’t wait for more international trains and for international rail travel to become the new norm!" Floris


“Travelling by train is more than just going from A to B. Your trip already starts at the station, and the experiences and encounters are priceless." Bram

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