Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions introduction

Below you will find our Booking Conditions. Please note that these General Conditions apply only to the purchase of a Pass or the making of a Reservation through the Website. Read the conditions below carefully and save them for future reading.

For the Interrail Pass Conditions of Use and the Service Policy, select one of the following links:

Interrail Pass Conditions of Use Service Policy

Article 1   Definitions

The capitalized terms in these Booking Conditions have the meanings given to them in this article, both in singular and plural form.
1.1 part of B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30206952, with registered office at Leidseveer 10 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Through its Website,, Customers can purchase Rail Passes and related products.
1.2   Eurail Group G.I.E: The umbrella organization of Railway Companies, which jointly issue the Rail Passes. With registered office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30172825.
1.3   Customer: the natural or legal person who or that purchases a product, such as a Pass or Reservation, through the Website.
1.4   Agreement: the agreement between the Customer and
1.5   (Rail) Pass: the tickets for the European rail network, as can be purchased in several variants and under various conditions. Also referred to as Interrail/Eurail Passes, depending on the market.
1.6   Reservation: the possibility to reserve a seat or sleeping place for a future train journey. The physical proof of reservation is referred to as Reservation Ticket.
1.7   Railway Companies: parties whose services a Customer can use, namely transport by train and any other services provided by these parties, such as transport by boat, tram, bus, etc. Railway Companies as referred to in these Booking Conditions are members of the Eurail Group G.I.E.
1.8   Booking Conditions: these conditions, also referred to as the General Conditions.
1.9   Vouchers: Codes that the Customer can use to receive a discount on the purchase of Passes.
1.10   Website: the website of and its subdomains, which are part of B.V.

Article 2   Conclusion and notification

2.1 has been designated by the Eurail Group G.I.E. as general sales organization for Rail Passes and may act as an intermediary for the sale of Rail Passes to Customers who wish to make use of the European Railway Companies. thus acts as an intermediary in the provision of Passes and Reservations. is not a party to the (transport) agreement between the Customer and the Eurail Group G.I.E. and the Railway Companies affiliated with it.  
2.2   The Agreement is concluded at the moment when the Customer accepts the offer from electronically and meets the associated conditions set by An offer is deemed a binding offer, but may be changed at any time, provided not after acceptance by the Customer, unless in case of a manifest error.
2.3 will acknowledge receipt of the aforementioned acceptance by e-mail. If it does not, the Agreement may be dissolved at any time.
2.4 has the right to investigate possible fraud and payment problems. If the investigation reveals the possible occurrence of fraud, will inform the Customer accordingly and will have the right not to perform the Agreement.
2.5   The Customer is responsible for providing correct delivery and personal information during the ordering process.
2.6   Complaints regarding the service, the Website and the execution of orders through the Website can be addressed to The complaints department handles all communications and/or requests for a refund on behalf of the management of The complaints department can be contacted during working days and strives to respond to the Customer within two working days.
2.7   Complaints regarding the Pass, the Reservation or the train journey, such as the operation of the Pass, train quality, railway personnel (including seizure of Passes), strikes or the fact that certain trains have only a limited number of seats or require a Reservation, should be addressed to the relevant Railway Company. If preferred, the Customer may also contact at for complaints regarding the operation of the Pass, etc. Where appropriate, will then forward the complaint to Eurail Group G.I.E.
2.8   These General Conditions and any agreements between the Customer and are governed by Dutch law, unless mandatory law dictates otherwise. The competent court is the District Court for Central Netherlands, in the Netherlands.
2.9   If any part of these Booking Conditions appears to be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other Conditions. will then adopt a new replacing provision or replacing provisions, which will reflect the intent of the original provision or provisions as much as legally possible. 
2.10   In case of a dispute about the General Conditions and the translations thereof, the English text prevails over the other translations, provided that the English version has been provided to and can be understood by the Customer.
2.11 is entitled to amend these Booking Conditions at any time. New purchases are then subject to the amended Booking Conditions. Purchases already made remain subject to the conditions that were provided at the time of the purchase.

Article 3   Information

3.1   The prices shown on the Website are inclusive of (local) taxes and exclusive of any dispatch costs. Costs of dispatch are calculated on the basis of the country where the Customer is located and depend on the chosen service level of dispatch.
3.2   Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
3.3   The Website may also give the Customer the opportunity to book accommodations, such as hotels and hostels, or to take out travel insurance. Such bookings/reservations and insurance orders are executed by selected partners. The Customer is directed to such partners and their websites through the Website, and the things referred to in this article can therefore not be purchased at the Website itself. is not responsible for any changes, refunds or complaints regarding, for example, reservations/bookings for accommodation, nor for changes in reservations for accommodations that are due to delayed trains, strikes, etc. is not liable or responsible for the performance of an agreement the Customer concludes with a partner as referred to in this article.

Article 4   Country of origin

4.1   The Customer may purchase a Rail Pass if he is a citizen or resident of:
• a Member of the Interrail community: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Kosovo, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland;
• one of the other European countries: Albania, Andorra, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Ukraine, Russia, San Marino, Vatican City, Belarus.
4.2   Railway personnel is always entitled to ask the Customer for an identity document. Citizenship can be proven by means of a valid passport or identity card. For the purpose of this article, an identity card is defined as any identity document the Customer may use for travelling.
4.3   Place/country of residence can be proven by means of official residence documents issued by the government. This must be a document that clearly proves that the Customer is registered in the country where he lives. Documents vary by country. 
4.4   If the Customer is not a European citizen, but officially lives in one of the countries listed in article 4.1 and can prove this by means of residence documents issued by the government, he may travel with an Interrail Rail Pass. Persons not belonging to any of the groups defined in this article cannot purchase an Interrail Rail Pass, but must purchase a Rail Pass through, the website of where non–Europeans can purchase Eurail Train Passes.  

Article 5   Travel Conditions Passes 

5.1   Interrail Passes are not valid for travel in the country where the Customer lives. However, Customers with an Interrail Global Pass get 1 outbound and 1 inbound journey to travel by train to/from the country border. The outbound and inbound journey can also be used to travel to/from airports or docks within the country. 
5.2   Youth Passes may only be used by travellers who are under the age of 28 on the first day of validity of the Pass.
5.3   Children under the age of 4 travel free with a Pass. Children in the age of 4-11 on their first day of travelling also travel free with a Children Pass. Children must travel accompanied by a so-called adult or senior.
5.4   Seniors Passes may only be used by travellers who are 60 or older on their first day of travel.
5.5   Premium Passes have a system that includes Reservations. However, only one Reservation can be made per person per route and Reservations for night trains are excluded. The latter must be purchased separately.
5.6   Each Pass has its own conditions (age, use, number of countries, duration, etc.). These conditions are all part of the offer and are clearly stated on the Website before any Agreement is concluded.
5.7   All bookings are accepted and all Passes are issued subject to the express condition that is not responsible or liable for any loss (consequential loss or otherwise); any damage (including, but not limited to, loss of or damage to clothing, luggage or property of passengers); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or disturbance caused by, arising from or in connection with any defect to a train, vehicle or other means of transport by land or sea that is used or rented or travelled by; or due to negligence, wilful misconduct, strikes or other acts, omissions or negligence by any railway company or other provider of goods and services. After all, is not a party to the Agreement between the Railway Company and the Customer and the Customer shall understand that is acting merely as an intermediary. In the section on liability, the above is summarized as "indirect damage”.
5.8   Travelling with a Pass is subject to the conditions, rates and regulations issued by the relevant European railway, transport, bus or other companies, enterprises or individuals (Railway Companies). These conditions may also stipulate that it is mandatory to make a Reservation for certain trains in some countries.
5.9   Travel insurance is recommended, but not mandatory. offers the opportunity to take out insurance through links to partners of
5.10   The Customer must ensure that he is in possession of all necessary travel documents and visas.
5.11   The Conditions of Use for the Rail Passes apply. The Customer can find them here.

Article 6   Delivery and execution of orders for Passes

6.1   The delivery times are listed on the Website. does everything possible to deliver the package on time. Barring force majeure, will deliver within the stated period, provided that the Customer has provided correct information and is able to take receipt of the order. The amounts charged for dispatch will be shown on the Website before any Agreement is concluded. The Website provides a dispatch costs calculator for this purpose.
6.2   Interrail Passes can only be purchased by European citizens, see article 4.
6.3   The Customer is requested to check immediately upon delivery whether the package contains all products (Passes) ordered. If the package is not complete, the Customer shall preferably contact our order support team within 48 hours at
6.4   If the package is not delivered on time, the Customer shall contact the order support team. will then provide a solution in consultation with the Customer.
6.5   If a Pass is not delivered on time, the Customer may always exchange the Pass for a new Pass through the Website, or purchase a new Pass at one of the major European railway stations. The refund policy applies in all cases. See article 7.
6.6   If the selected dispatch method allows for online order tracking, the Customer will receive the tracking data in the e-mail confirming dispatch. The Customer shall regularly check the dispatch and status.
6.7   Once the package has been delivered and/or the Customer has signed for receipt, the risk in respect of the order passes to the Customer.
6.8 is never liable for loss, late delivery or any other type of damage if this is attributable to the actions of the Customer. This is the case if he does not take receipt of the package or, for example, has provided incorrect information in the order process. 

Article 7   Refunds and exchanging Passes

7.1   This article does not apply to promotional Passes, purchased as part of a temporary promotion. These passes are not eligible for a refund or an exchange.
7.2   The statutory right of withdrawal does not apply to Rail Passes and passenger transport.
7.3   A refund is possible only if the Customer has purchased the Pass through the Website and the unused pass is returned to us before the starting date. If the Pass was not delivered to you in time, you can apply for a refund regardless of the starting date.
7.4   In principle, a refund will be granted only for unused Passes that are reported for a refund through the Website before their first day of validity. The Website provides the option to start this procedure in accordance with the refund policy.
7.5   15% of the value of the Pass will be deducted from the refund as cancellation charges, after payment to has been made, unless the first delivery attempt of the order occurred after the expected delivery date, as specified during the order process. In that case, the Customer will be entitled to a 100% refund, including costs of dispatch.
7.6   A refund is based only on the purchase price of the Pass; costs of dispatch already paid and Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) are not covered by the refund, except in the situation described in article 7.5.
7.7   In case of an exchange for another Pass or in case of a double order, 100% of the amount per Pass, less administrative charges in the amount of € 15, will be refunded, or an equivalent of € 15 in the local currency applies instead of the normal refund of 85%. 
7.8   Once payment has been made, an order cannot be revised, modified or changed. Orders are processed immediately in order to ensure the earliest possible dispatch. If the Customer wants to change something in his order, the Customer must exchange the Pass.
7.9   Lost or stolen Passes cannot be refunded or replaced, unless Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) has been taken out and the applicable specific conditions are met.
7.10   Dispatch costs are not refunded, unless the first delivery attempt of the order took place after the expected delivery date that was specified during the order process.
7.11   Partially used Passes are never refunded.
7.12   If a Pass is returned to us after the first day of validity, in derogation from article 7.3, a refund will be granted only under the following conditions: 
• railway personnel has marked the pass 'NOT USED' before or on the first day of validity by placing two diagonally crossed lines on the front of the Pass, adding the words ‘Not Used’ (or a translation thereof) plus a signature and a dated stamp of the office, and the application is filed within 1 month after the last day of validity of the Pass. After this period, applications will never be accepted.
7.13   In certain cases, the Customer may be asked to provide personal information, to assess whether a refund may be granted.
7.14   If the Customer wants to file a claim for cover of loss or theft of the Pass, the Customer will be asked to enclose airline tickets to and from Europe, replacing Passes/tickets, a police report and personal information. Please note that it will not be possible to return these documents to the Customer. 
7.15   Passes can never be renewed. All available periods of validity are listed on the Website. If the Customer wants to change this, the Customer will have to exchange the Pass for a new Pass.
7.16   The costs of loss and theft of the Pass are not refunded. After payment of the Pass, it is not possible to cancel the Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) of the Pass. 
7.17   It is not possible to issue a duplicate of the Pass or a replacement Pass. If the Customer loses the Pass or it is stolen and the Customer has purchased Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection), then the general conditions of the loss or theft cover apply.
7.18   The Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) applies only to Passes and not to Reservations.
7.19   Returning a Pass is possible and will be accepted only if the procedures described and provided in the return policy are followed.
7.20   A refund can never be higher than the maximum order value.

Article 8   Reservations

8.1   Through the Website, you can also make Reservations for certain European trains.
8.2   The Interrail Reservation Service is available to everyone who has purchased a Pass, also if the purchase was made elsewhere and not through the Website.
8.3   A Reservation is a printed ticket (Reservation Ticket) that entitles to a seat or sleeping accommodation for a certain transport service. It can also be a so-called digital ticket, i.e. an e-ticket for a Reservation. 
8.4   Reservations are made on the basis of the information that the Customer provides to The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.
8.5   Reservations can only be used for the service, on the date and at the time specified on the ticket.
8.6   Payment for a Reservation must always be made in euros. Delivery of Reservations is free and the Customer can find an indication of the costs of a reservation for each train on the Website. Reservations are subject to booking charges, the amount of which will be stated on the Website before any Agreement is concluded.
8.7 offers the opportunity to make a Reservation for a large number of Railway Companies, but it is possible that not all reservation options of the Railway Companies are available. Where possible, will then help you find a way to make a Reservation in an alternative way.
8.8   Travelling with a Reservation made through the Website is subject to the conditions, rates and regulations issued by the relevant European railway, transport, bus or other companies, enterprises or individuals (Railway Companies).
8.9 advises the Customer to check the order immediately upon delivery. If the order is not complete or the information on the Reservation Tickets is not correct, the Customer shall contact within 48 hours. If the Reservation Tickets are not received at all after confirmation, the Customer should also contact within 48 hours.
8.10   Once the address for delivery has been entered, the Customer can no longer change it. If the Customer leaves home before the estimated delivery date, it is recommended to have the tickets dispatched to an address in Europe.
8.11   The delivery times listed on the Website are indicative. does everything possible to deliver the package on time, but cannot guarantee that the Passes are delivered on time. Eurail is not liable for delays and the consequences thereof if the delivery time is indicative.  If the stated delivery time is a strict deadline, the above does not apply and is obliged to deliver within the stated period, provided that the Customer has provided correct information and is able to take receipt of the order. If the Customer has not received the tickets on the estimated delivery date, he should contact the support team of at
8.12   The Customer will receive the tracking data in the e-mail confirming dispatch. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the tracking data periodically to see if there are any problems with the dispatch, and act accordingly.
8.13   Reservations (tickets) can only be dispatched to a physical address or, if it concerns an e-ticket, to an e-mail address.
8.14   Once the package has been delivered and/or the Customer has signed for receipt, the risk in respect of the order passes to the Customer.

Article 9   Refund policy Reservations

9.1   The statutory right of withdrawal does not apply to Rail Passes and passenger transport or Reservations for these.
9.2   Once payment has been made, Reservations will be refunded only in accordance with this refund policy.
9.3   Only Reservations made through the Website may be refunded. 
9.4   A change to a Reservation after payment will be treated as a cancellation and a new booking, and will be invoiced as such.
9.5   Refunds are offered only for individual Reservations with a value of more than €25 per person and cancelled at least 1 working day before departure. The amount of the refund may vary per train type and is subject to the regulations of the relevant Railway Company. The amount will be refunded within 2 working days after returning the original ticket, using the credit card or the payment method the Customer has used for the purchase. Booking charges are not refunded.
9.6   Unless otherwise has been agreed, cancellations are possible only before the deadline specified in article 9.5 by sending an e-mail to The Customer should note that the opening hours of the reservation service are from 8.30-17.00 CET on Monday to Friday and that cancellations will be processed only during these hours.
9.7   The original physical Reservation Ticket is needed to process a refund. This Reservation Ticket must be returned to within one month after the departure of the train to which it relates.
9.8   Compensation for delays, strikes and failed trains can be applied for by e-mail to If possible, railway personnel must have marked the original Reservation Ticket as unused. 
9.9   When a request for compensation is made in connection with a cancellation due to sickness, the Customer may be asked to provide personal information.
9.10   The Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) of the Pass does not apply to Reservations. The cover applies only to Passes. 

Article 10   Vouchers

10.1   These Booking Conditions apply to voucher codes provided by These are codes the Customer can use to receive a discount when purchasing a Pass.
10.2   Vouchers can only apply to orders placed directly with through its Website. Voucher discounts cannot be collected on expired orders of
10.3   Only one Voucher is accepted per order and this unique code can be used only once. 
10.4   Any specific conditions applicable to the Vouchers, the products for which the Vouchers can be used and their validity and value will be specified on each voucher issued by
10.5   To use the Voucher and receive the corresponding discount, the Customer must enter the Voucher in the field 'Gift card or voucher code’ on the shopping cart page during the payment process.
10.6   Vouchers cannot be used to pay for Loss & Theft Coverage (Pass Protection) of the Pass, exchange rate differences relating to the Pass, Reservations or other charges. 
10.7   Vouchers cannot be converted into cash and cannot be sold. 
10.8 reserves the right to change the conditions of use for vouchers at any time.

Article 11   Registration

11.1   To make optimum use of the Website and the services offered, the Customer has the possibility to register and set up a personal account.
11.2   During the registration process, the Customer must choose a user name (e-mail) and password to log into the Website after registration. The Customer is responsible for choosing a sufficiently reliable password. 
11.3   The Customer must keep his login data strictly confidential. is not liable for abuse of login data and may always assume that the person using them is the actual user. All actions through the Customer's account are for the responsibility and risk of the Customer. 

Article 12   Liability

12.1 The Customer understands that acts merely as an intermediary and is therefore not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the agreement that the Customer has with Eurail Group G.I.E. and the Railway Companies affiliated with it. 
12.2 is not responsible for the agreement the Customer eventually concludes with the Eurail Group G.I.E. and the Railway Companies affiliated with it. This means that is also not responsible for what takes place during the use of the Pass. 
12.3   The Website may contain links to websites of third party, through plugins or otherwise. does not guarantee the proper functioning of these links. has no control over these websites and does not accept any liability for the consequences of using and/or visiting these websites.
12.4   Should there nevertheless be any liability for direct damage, then this will be limited to an amount not exceeding the purchase price of the Pass or Reservation to which the damage relates, as purchased by and in the name of the Customer. is not liable for indirect damage, including damage arisen during travelling, stay or otherwise, as stated above in these General Conditions (5.7 and 12.1). 
12.5   The above limitations do not apply if intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of is involved.

Article 13   Maintenance

13.1 has the right to take the Website temporarily out of service or limit its use, for example for maintenance or to make adjustments to the Website. This will never give rise to any entitlement to compensation.

Article 14   Privacy and cookies

14.1   Through the Website, processes the personal data of the Customer in accordance with the privacy policy published on the Website. 
14.2   If the Customer comes into contact with a third party, through a link or plugin or otherwise, he will be providing his personal data to the third party and not to 
14.3 makes reasonable endeavours to protect its systems against loss and/or forms of unlawful use. implements appropriate technical and organizational measures, having regard to the state of the art, to this end.


Please note: Dutch law is applicable