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Trains in Italy


In Italy the extensive train network takes you from the ancient relics of Pompeii to the picturesque Umbrian countryside, along the spectacular Tuscan coastline or the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Travel to famous cities Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan on board Italian trains and get great views from your window along the way.

Train types in Italy

Trains in Italy will take you across the entire country and its islands, as well as other countries in Europe. Italy's train network is operated by Trenitalia. You can check times for Italian trains in the Interrail timetable or the Trenitalia timetable.

Map with main train routes in Italy


Regional and intercity trains

Trenord regionale (R)

  • Runs through the central northern region of Lombardia, close to Switzerland.

  • No reservations required.

  • Trains between Milan and Malpensa airport are not included in your Pass.

  • Check train times on the Trenitalia timetable.

InterCity (IC)

  • Connects major cities like Florence, Milan, Rome, and Venice.

  • Faster than regional trains and fewer stops.

  • Reservations recommended during high season (May - September) and national holidays.

The Leonardo Express

  • An express train between Rome and Fiumicino Airport.

  • All seats are 1st class, therefore a 1st class Interrail Pass is required to travel on this train. If you have a 2nd Class Interrail Pass you will need to buy a ticket.


High-speed trains

Le Frecce high-speed trains (formerly known as Eurostar Italia) are modern and comfortable. All trains have air-conditioning, luggage racks, power sockets, refreshments and usually a restaurant car.

Frecciarossa (FR)

  • Connects the main Italian cities from north to south.

  • Reservations are required.

Frecciargento (FA)

  • Connects Rome to the main cities in the northeast and south of Italy.

  • Reservations are required.

Frecciabianca (FB)

  • Connects Turin and Milan to Italian cities in the northeast of Italy.

  • Reservations are required.


Domestic night trains

InterCity Notte (ICN)

  • Milan – Genova – Pisa – Livorno – Salerno – Catania (Sicily).

  • This is a unique journey as the train is transported by boat across the Strait of Messina.


International night trains

ÖBB Nightjet (EN) has many trains connecting to and from several destinations in Italy:

  • Rome – Florence – Salzburg – Munich

  • Rome - Florence - Bologna - Vienna

  • Livorno - Pisa - Florence - Bologna - Vienna

  • Milan - Verona - Vienna

  • Milan - Verona - Salzburg - Munich

  • Venice - Udine - Salzburg - Vienna

  • Venice - Udine - Salzburg - Munich

  • Reservations for sleeping accommodation are required.


Scenic train routes in Italy

Bernina Express

  • Chur (Switzerland) to Lugano via Tirano (Italy).

  • Interrail Passes are valid for the entire journey.

  • Seat reservations are only required for the special panorama train.

Centovalli Railway

  • Locarno (Switzerland) to Domodossola (Italy).

  • Interrail Passes are valid for the entire journey.

Popular connections in Italy

Route Regional High-speed
Rome to Florence 3:30 1:30
Rome to Milan 9:00 (1 stop) 3:00
Rome to Venice 9:00 (3 stops) 3:30
Florence to Milan 5:30 (1 stop) 1:30
Florence to Venice 4:00 (2 stops) 2:00
Pisa to Florence - 1:00
Venice to Milan 3:30 (1 stop) 2:30
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Genova (via Ventimiglia) to Nice (France) Regional trains 3:50 None
Milan to Bern / Geneva / Zurich (Switzerland) EuroCity 3:00 / 4:00 / 3:30 Required
Milan to Nice / Paris (France) EuroCity / TGV 4:50 / 7:40 Required
Milan to Vienna (Austria) Euro Night 13:50(overnight) Required
Rome to Munich (German) EuroCityBrenner / ÖBB Nightjet 6:20 / 13:00 (overnight) Required
Venice to Innsbruck (Austria) EuroCityBrenner 4:30 Required
Venice (via Villach, Austria) to Jesenice (Slovenia) EuroCity 5:30 Required
Venice to Vienna (Austria) Euro Night 7:30 (overnight) Required


International ferry routes to and from Italy

  • Spain to Italy
    Get an Interrail discount of 20% off Grimaldi Lines journeys from Barcelona to Civitavecchia and Porto Torres (Sardinia).

  • Greece to Italy
    Get free and discounted travel with Minoan Lines ferry trips from Patras or Igoumenitsa to Ancona on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

Reservations for trains in Italy

Which trains in Italy require reservations?

  • No reservations: Trenitalia regional trains.
  • Required during busy periods: InterCity trains (during May-September and on public holidays).
  • Compulsory: High-speed Le Frecce trains and night trains.


How can I make reservations for trains in Italy?

  • Online: Through the Reservation Self-Service. We offer e-tickets for trains in Italy.
  • In person: At a ticket desk at a local Italian train station.


Reservations for the TGV (Paris to Milan)

  • Seats are limited for Interrail Pass Holders.
  • It's not possible to buy tickets or reservations for this route at Italian train stations.
  • You can make bookings at the RailEurope office, 15 minutes walk from Milan Central train station. 
  • Address: Via Viturvio 1, 20214 Milan | Phone number: +39 0240 32 6435.


Advice for reservations

  • Make reservations as soon as possible if you're travelling in high season (May to September) and on national holidays. You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.

  • Contact a booking centre or visit a European train station to check if trains are available.

  • If a train is fully booked you can check alternative routes or buy a full-fare ticket - this will save you a train travel day on your Interrail Pass.


Read more about reservations


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Tips and tricks for Italy

The main Italian train stations

The two main hub stations in Italy are:

  • Roma Termini (Rome)

  • Milano Centrale (Milan)


Italy's main train stations usually have great facilities:

  • Luggage storage

  • Cash machines and a foreign exchange desk

  • Restaurants, cafés, and pharmacies

  • Tourist information offices

  • Elevators, escalators and access for disabled passengers

Spelling of names in Italy

In towns and cities in Italy, train stations, maps and information boards show local place names. Here are a few you can learn to make your Italian rail journey easier:

  • Firenze = Florence

  • Genova = Genoa

  • Milano = Milan

  • Napoli = Naples

  • Padova = Padua

  • Pompei = Pompeii

  • Roma = Rome

  • Sicilia = Sicily (island)

  • Torino = Turin

  • Venezia = Venice

Ferry travel and other discounts

If your Interrail Pass is valid in Italy, you can take several ferries for free or at a discount. These ferry routes run from from Italy's mainland to:

  • Sardinia and Sicily (Italy)

  • Split (Croatia)

  • Barcelona (Spain)

  • Various locations in Greece


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