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Why Interrail is your greenest choice


What’s not to love about traveling? It broadens your horizon, connects you with people from all over the world and can leave you in a state of awe. Additionally, if you travel by train you're helping to save the environment - because train travel is as green as it gets!


Environmental impact


There is a clear downside to exploring the earth’s treasures. The environmental impact of the travel industry is significant. In the US alone, an estimated 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to transportation. 


But you have a choice...!


Sustainable travel


Aside from walking or biking, taking the train is the most environmentally friendly way of traveling. In fact, compared to cars and airplanes, trains emit between 66 and 75 percent less carbon. In terms of energy consumption, use of space and noise levels, trains are far more sustainable too.




When you're planning a trip through Europe, rest assured that traveling with an Interrail Pass is your greenest option. The CO2 emission on an average trip is about 3 times less per person than traveling the same route by car - and 4 times less than traveling by plane. 


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Want to see for yourself? The EcoPassenger website helps you to calculate the environmental impact of your journey through Europe. You can compare the emission and energy consumption for planes, cars and passenger trains.

Go green with Interrail

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