Transport on a budget

Avoid train reservations
We know you’d rather spend your money on memorable moments than on train reservations. Although most high-speed trains require a reservation fee, it’s often possible to research an alternative route. Usually this means taking a slower train, but it does save on extra costs and often adds another element to your adventure. Read more about tips on avoiding reservations

Use travel days wisely 
If you have an Interrail One Country Pass or an Interrail Global Pass with flexible travel days, it’s worth thinking wisely about how you use each travel day. Try to use your travel days for longer or multiple train journeys and if you want to travel a short distance, buy a separate ticket or take a cheap bus. Also take advantage of the 7 p.m. rule – if you board a direct night train after 7 p.m that arrives at its final stop after 4 a.m., only the following day is counted as a travel day. 

Get around on public transport or bike

  • Usually big cities have a number of train stations, so you can often move around the city with your Interrail pass.

  • If you’re going to be in a city for a few days, a travel card (for the bus, tram, metro) will often save you money on buying single tickets.

  • Rent a bike and experience a town or city at your own pace. Some cities are more geared up for cyclists than others. For example, Amsterdam is a cyclist's paradise, though it may seem like absolute madness once you first mount the bike!