Eating and shopping on a budget

Fill up your bottle
You’ll save yourself a fair bit of money if you fill your bottle up with water from a tap, rather than buying bottled water. You’ll also be helping the environment! Tap water in most European countries is suitable for drinking, but make sure you double check with a local resident first.

Have a picnic
Buy food from a local supermarket or grocery shop and prepare a picnic to be enjoyed in the local park – that way you’ll eat on the cheap and also get to try the local delicacies.

Eat away from tourist areas
Try to avoid dining in restaurants located in the main tourist areas of cities – they are almost always more expensive and often quality is less than if you walk a bit further. Plus, you'll be surrounded by other tourists, not the locals.

Souvenir hunting with the locals
Avoid the busy tourist hot spots for shopping, as you’ll pay over the odds compared to purchasing the same items in local shopping areas.