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Utrecht, November 12 2017  

The Dutch company was part of yesterday’s live show organized by Alibaba to close off Double 11 (Singles Day). In the final ten minutes of the event, right before announcing the bargain...

A proposal was put forward in the European Parliament to give every young European a free Interrail Pass when they turn 18.

Thousands of Interrailers voted, one destination was victorious. Here's the city you voted as destination of 2016!

We're looking for 3 adventurous travellers to explore Europe with Interrail Passes and film their experiences!

Where have you been in Europe that you think everyone should visit this year? Have your say and be in with a chance of winning Interrail Passes. The search for the Interrail European Destination of 2016 has begun...

24th June 2016

Travelling with an Interrail Pass will not change now that the UK has decided to leave the EU.

18th April 2016 is excited to announce its recent partnership with, the world leader in booking online accommodation.

We’re very excited to announce some changes to Interrail that will make your European adventure even better.

10 May, 2014
Greece is experiencing disruption to its transport networks. Carefully read this article to find out about the current situation and how you can travel with your pass within Greece, as well as between Greece and its neighbouring countries.

There are construction works taking place in the Bulgarian and Turkish railway network. Replacement buses operate in the east of Bulgaria and between Cerkezköy and Istanbul in Turkey. The Interrail Pass is valid on this buses.