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Win 2 Interrail Global Passes: Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions (hereinafter: “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the “2 x Interrail Global Passes" prize draw (hereinafter: “Competition”). The Competition is run by Eurail B.V., Leidseveer 10, 3511SB, Utrecht, the Netherlands, for the purpose of promoting the Interrail Pass.
  • There will be twelve rounds of prize drawing within the Competition.
  • The Competition can be entered by leaving your email on the Interrail social media email ads. You will have a chance to win the prize (hereinafter: “Prize”), as described in Article 3, upon participation.
  • By entering the Competition, participants automatically accept these Terms and Conditions. 


The winners will be announced here.


Version: 1.0 / 6 February 2020

Article 1: Terms of Entry

1.1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older at the time they enter the Competition. Participants younger than 18, are required to obtain parental consent to enter the Competition and leave their personal information.

1.2. The Competition can be entered by leaving your email on the Interrail social media email ads.

1.3. Participation in the Competition is subject to entering the name, email and language in the email form located in the social media ad and is open to all natural persons (subject to the limitations contained in this article), who subscribe starting from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2020.

1.4. Employees of Eurail. B.V. and associated companies, as well as members of their families, are excluded from participation in the Competition.

1.5. There will be no communication costs in relation to your entry of the Competition. This doesn’t include your own costs of communication related to an internet subscription.

1.6. Upon entry of the Competition the participant guarantees to have entered the information accurately, truthfully, up-to-date and in full.

1.7. A participant can enter once per specific email address and order number. The email address listed on the entry is considered to be the unique participant number for the prize draw in this Competition.

1.8. The Competition commences on 1st February 2020 and ends on 31st December 2020 (hereinafter: the 'Term of Competition’). After the end date, you won’t be able to enter the Competition. A week starts on Monday at 00:01 Central European Time (local Dutch time) and ends on Monday at 23:59 Central European Time (local Dutch time).

Article 2: Determining the Winner

2.1. Eurail B.V. will determine the winner through means of a prize draw after the Term of the Competition.

2.2. The winner of the Prize will be determined through the means of a prize draw. A total of eleven (11) prize draws will be held throughout the Term of the Competition. The prize draws will take place on the following dates: 9th March 2020; 13th April 2020; 11th May 2020; 8th June 2020; 13th July 2020; 10th August 2020; 14th September 2020; 12th October 2020; 9th November 2020; 14th December 2020; 11th January 2021, by means of prize draw software which is able to impartially pick a winner.

2.3. A winner of one of the draws dated 3rd August 2019 is not eligible for participation in the subsequent draws and will automatically be excluded from subsequent draws.

2.4. The results of the Competitions will be announced on our website and in a newsletter within three months after the end of each round.

2.5. Eurail B.V. will contact the winner via email and is authorised to pick another winner, if he/she does not respond within 96 hours. In such a case the rights of the first-pick winner will expire.

2.6. A Prize Booking form will be delivered to the (email) address, which has been filled in by the Prize winner upon entry of the Competition.

2.7. This Prize is not redeemable for cash.

2.8. The winner must complete the booking form with traveller and delivery information at least 21 Days prior to the first day of Pass validity, and email it to Eurail B.V. The first day of Pass validity of the Prize must be within 11 months of receiving the Prize Booking form from Eurail B.V.

2.9. The Prize will be processed and delivered to the customer within 60 Days of receiving the correctly completed booking form.

Article 3: The Prize

3.1. Each prize consists of: 2 x Interrail Global Passes (valid for 7 travel days in 1 month, 2nd class), which are valid for 11 months from the time of Booking. The maximum economic value per pass is 335 Euros. The economic value of the Prize is including value added tax. Total economic value per prize would amount to 670 Euro.

3.2. The total economic value of all 11 prizes will be of 7370 Euros.

3.3. If applicable, the winner shall be responsible to obtain travel documentation, such as a visa.

3.4. The winner is responsible for all taxes, costs and other expenses that are not explicitly included in or connected to the Prize, and agrees that upon accepting the Prize he/she does so entirely at his/her own risk and responsibility.

3.5. The winner is responsible for additional reservations that may be needed in some countries or trains.

Article 4: Rights Eurail B.V.

4.1. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to disqualify a participant without having to provide a reason in case it suspects the entry of fraudulence or misconduct.

4.2. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to disqualify an entry without having to provide a reason in case the participant breaches the rules of these Terms and Conditions or law.

4.3. Eurail B.V. has the right to reject entries that do not meet these Terms and Conditions.

4.4. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to end or amend the Competition Prizes, definitions and any other information, or to cancel this Competition at any time without prior notice.

4.5. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to request written proof of a possible winner’s residence and age before awarding a prize.

Article 5: Personal Data

5.1. Eurail B.V. respects the privacy of participants. We shall ensure that all personal information is provided to us in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection law. When entering the competition, you are asked to enter your name and email. The personal information is used to deliver the Prize to the winner of the Competition. Eurail B.V. may provide personal information to third parties in case this is needed to deliver the Prize.

5.2. Eurail B.V.'s privacy policy conditions are available at

Article 6: Maintenance Server and Website

6.1. Eurail B.V. reserves the right to temporarily disable the website, or parts of it, for maintenance, changes or improvements of the site and its servers. Eurail B.V. cannot be held responsible for the negative consequences of maintenance.

6.2. Eurail B.V. cannot be held responsible for problems with the network, computer hardware or software, or any breakdown or failure that results in the participant’s entry field or form or any other information becoming incomplete, damaged or lost.

Article 7: Complaints

7.1. Complaints about the Competition can be sent to Eurail B.V., using the contact information found at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

7.2. Eurail B.V. will answer the complaint 2 working days after it has been filed.

Article 8: Other Provisions

8.1. Images and description displayed in relation to the Competition only serve as an illustration, and the actual representation may be different.

8.2. All decisions made by Eurail B.V. regarding this Competition shall be considered final; no correspondence will be entered into information about the prizes and how they are awarded.

8.3. Eurail B.V. acts in accordance with the Dutch Code Promotional Gaming 2014 (Gedragscode Promotionele Kansspelen 2014).

8.4. Dutch law applies to this Competition (including these Terms and Conditions).

Article 9: Contact Information

Eurail B.V.

Leidseveer 10

3511SB Utrecht

The Netherlands