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Train in Finland on a sunny day

The modern Finnish rail system links all the country's major towns and cities. The scenery is beautiful, especially in Eastern Finland where there are many lakes.

Train types in Finland
Reservations for trains in Finland
Domestic connections in Finland
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Map with main train connections in Finland

Train types in Finland


The passenger railway network of Finland is run by VR. Finnish trains are modern and have a range of facilities. You can use the Interrail timetable to check times for trains in Finland. Logo VR Finland


Red and white trains in Helsinki train station, Finland Regional, intercity and high-speed trains in Finland

Express train

  • Interregional trains that cover long distances in southern Finland.

  • All trains include power outlets, a restaurant car and services for disabled passengers.

  • No reservations required.

InterCity (IC)

  • Trains between cities and popular regions.

  • All trains include power outlets, food trolleys or a restaurant car, services for disabled passengers, space for skiing equipment or prams, family compartments and seats for passengers with allergies.

  • Reservations are required on nearly all routes. Make sure to check the Interrail timetable.


  • High speed trains between major cities.

  • All trains include power outlets, WLAN, a restaurant car, services for disabled passengers and seats for passengers with allergies.

  • Reservations are optional.



Night trains in Finland

There are several overnight options that can take you throughout the whole of Finland. Night trains have sleeping carriages and a restaurant car. Reservations are required.


Bringing bicycles on trains in Finland

Bikes are allowed on most trains. Some trains have special bike compartments. You need to buy a ticket in advance and, in the commuter traffic in the Helsinki metropolitan area, travel outside peak hours (7:00-9:00 and 15:00-18.00). Advance booking for bicycles is required on InterCity trains.

Reservations for trains in Finland


Which trains in Finland require reservations?

Interrail Pass Holders are not required to make seat reservations for domestic VR trains in Finland. However, it's possible to reserve a seat or a sleeping compartment for:

  • InterCity trains

  • Pendolino high-speed trains

  • Night trains


How can I make reservations for trains in Finland?


What can I expect when calling VR?

  1. Call VR on +35 89 2319 2902 (Opening hours: 7:00-22.00; local time).

  2. VR has English-speaking staff.

  3. You can pay for your reservations over the phone (by credit card).

  4. You'll receive your booking code in an email.

  5. Use this code to collect your reservation at a Finnish railway station. Reservations cannot be sent to your address.


Read more about reservations

Domestic connections in Finland

Map with main train connections in Finland
Route Travel time
Helsinki to Turku 2:00
Helsinki to Tampere 1:30
Tampere to Turku 1:45

International train connections to and from Finland


There are no direct train connections between Finland and neighbouring countries, but there are international ferry connections to Germany, Sweden and Estonia.

With your Interrail Pass you get discounts on ferry routes operated by Finnlines Ferries, Tallink Silja Lines and Viking Lines:

  • Helsinki to Travemünde (Lübeck, Germany).

  • Helsinki to Tallinn (Estonia)

  • Helsinki to Stockholm (Sweden)

  • Turku to Stockholm (Sweden)

Finland rail passes


Interrail Pass options for Finland


Interrail Finland Pass

  • See all of Finland by train.

  • Youth discounts, as well as family and senior discounts.

  • Extra benefits include discounted ferry travel to Sweden, Germany and Estonia.

  • Prices from € 87


View Finland Passes


Interrail Global Pass

  • Travel by rail as much as you like in Finland and up to 29 other European countries.

  • Discounts available for youth, seniors and families.

  • Prices from € 200


View Global Passes

Fast train Pendolino, Finland

Train stations in Finland

Helsinki train station entrance, Finland

Finnish main train stations

  • Helsinki is the main railway hub.

  • The station is a national monument designed in Art Nouveau style.

Pass benefits for Finland

Silja Line ferry Finland to Sweden

Ferry travel

Get discounts on ferries to:

  • Travemünde (Germany)

  • Stockholm (Sweden)

  • Tallinn (Estonia)


See more Pass benefits in Finland

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