Interrail passes include access to a number of free and discounted European ferry routes and boats. Below you can find an overview of the major ferry lines that have a partnership with Interrail.

List of ferries in Europe




Balearia runs ferries between mainland Spain and its cluster of Spanish Islands (Balearic Islands). Travel to the scenic gems of the Mediterranean: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera.

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Blue Star Ferries


Blue Star Ferries operate on various routes from the Greek mainland to many of its beautiful islands. An exotic destination like Greece calls for a relaxing journey to its pristine beaches and ancient ruins. Equipped with a range of facilities, the convenience and comfort of these ferries will ensure you the journey is all part of your experience.

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(Finland - Sweden - Germany)

Finnlines operates ferries across Europe’s most important ports - Finland, Sweden and Germany. With 5-star facilities and top-notch comfort on board, discover Europe like Europeans do. Shorten your journey time, and gather some new experiences along the way.

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Fjord Line ferries

(Norway - Denmark)

Sail from Denmark to Norway with Fjord Line ferries.

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Grimaldi Lines

(Greece - Spain - Italy)

Grimaldi Lines offers a variety of routes to choose from – travel to Greece, Spain, Italy and its magnificent Island of Sardinia. Admire the spectacular shores of Europe, as you unwind on the deck of the ferries run by Grimaldi Lines. To shorten long journeys between countries, choose this quick and comfortable ferry trip.

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Irish Ferries

(Ireland - France - Great Britain)

Irish Ferries operates ferry routes between France and the Ireland and Wales. Take an offbeat ferry route – explore the Irish panorama and taste the Irish waters.

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Minoan Lines

(Greece - Italy)

Minoan Lines offers ferry connections within Greece and between Greece and Italy. While you are enjoying the activities on board, travel swiftly and get more time to explore your desired destination.

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SNAV Ferries

(Italy - Croatia)

SNAV Ferries travel across the Adriatic Sea, connecting Italy and Croatia. They also travel between the Italian city of Naples and the Aeolian Islands.

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Stena Line

(Ireland - Netherlands - Great Britain)

Stena Line connects Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) with Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), as well as operating a route from Great Britain to the Netherlands. This ferry company provides a great travel option to reach mainland Europe from Great Britain and Ireland. Set sail on one of the most convenient ferry lines in Europe.

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Superfast Ferries

(Greece - Italy)

Superfast Ferries travels across the serene Adriatic Sea. Soak up the breathtaking view of the azure waters between Greece and Italy.

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Tallink Silja

(Finland - Sweden)

Explore the Baltic Sea, as Tallink Silja operates ferries between Finland, Sweden and other parts of Europe.

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The 7 p.m. rule on ferries

The 7 p.m. rule applies to all free night ferry crossings, regardless of the departure and arrival times. You choose whether you fill in the departure date or the arrival date in the travel calendar. You do not need to use any travel days for discounted ferry trips, just show your pass to get the discount.

Getting discounted prices on ferries


It is often possible to purchase the special fare tickets for ferries in advance. It is recommended to purchase these tickets in advance when planning to travel during high season. In order to purchase these tickets you will have to contact the ferry company you will be travelling with directly. In some cases, you can buy the ticket with the discount already included. Occasionally however, you will have to buy the full fare ticket and the ferry company will refund the discount.

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