Rail Planner App

With the Rail Planner App, you'll never get lost again. Here we explain everything you need to know about this handy tool.

What is the Rail Planner App?


The Rail Planner App is a tool that allows you to look up train information, no matter where you are. It works offline and gives you quick access to departure and arrival times for European trains. The app can help you plan your trip in advance, but it can also be useful when you're standing in a busy train station, trying to find your connecting train.


Where do I get it?

The Rail Planner App is a free download for iPhone and Android. On your mobile, go to the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) and search for Rail Planner App.


What does it do?

The Rail Planner App has a number of very useful features. In addition to the offline timetable that shows you the arrival and departure times for European trains, the app can also help you:


  • Make e-ticket reservations for Italian trains. You'll need a working internet connection for this.

  • Find train stations near your current position.

  • Look up departure and arrival information for every station.

  • Save your most frequent searches as favourites.

  • See all benefits for Interrail pass holders

  • View city maps of major European cities.

  • Read country facts of all participating countries

Rail Planner App 2016 entry screen

How to find trains without reservations


If you want to travel on trains that don't require a reservation, the Rail Planner App can help you find them. In the Trip Planner, use the extended search option and select 'Trains without compulsory reservation'. You can see how to do this in the pictures below. Now, when you search for trains, the Rail Planner App will only show you trains that don't require a reservation.


Rail Planner App - Trip planner search for trains without reservations

Tips on using the app


In the search results overview, it is not stated if a train needs a reservation or not. You’ll have to open and expand the search results to find out if you need a reservation. In the Rail Planner App, Thello trains (Paris to Milan and Venice) are displayed as EN (EuroNight). The Thello is not included in the Interrail pass, but you get a 25% discount on a full fare ticket. These trains are listed as follows:

  • Paris – Milan/Venice: EN 221

  • Venice/Milan – Paris: EN 220

Keep in mind!

The Rail Planner App has a few limitations. Most importantly, it won't be able to tell you if there are any delays. For this reason, make sure you keep an eye on the info signs at the train station. Making train reservations or booking a hotel is also not possible with the Rail Planner App.

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