InterRail timetable

Start looking up your train times in our timetable. Find departure and arrival times, as well as the names of the stations you need. You can also check if the trains you want to take need to be reserved beforehand.

Please note that your InterRail pass is only valid on trains operated by the participating railway companies

The Eurail timetable will be updated on June 15. If you search for trains after June 14, you might not get a full listing of train times. If this is the case, you can check the timetable again after this date. The timetable does not change significantly, so you could also search for trains before June 15 to get a complete listing – just make sure you double check the times before you travel.


At this moment Spanish train times are not showing correctly in the timetable. Please refer to the Renfe timetable from the Spanish railways for train times in Spain.

Timetable exceptions

Spelling of train station n​ames
Some city names can only be found when you use the local spelling. Check the list below for the most common ones:

  • Beograd = Belgrade

  • Koebenhavn = Copenhagen

  • Lisboa = Lisbon

  • Praha = Prague


Looking for Charles de Gaulles airport (near Paris, France)? Search for:  Roissy (CDG terminal).

Trains that don't appear in timetable
Not all trains appear in the InterRail timetable. These are listed below with details on how to find train times:

  • All trains in Greece. Visit Trainose

  • Trains operated by TreNord in Italy. Visit TreNord

  • All trains in Northern Ireland. Visit NI Railways

  • Suburban trains in Spain. Visit Cercanias


Reservation fees for certain trains in Norway and Portugal
The timetable states that reservations for trains in Norway and Portugal are not compulsory, however, reservations are required for long distance trains in Norway and for IC trains in Portugal.

Rail Planner app


travelapp logo The Rail Planner app is a handy free app that offers an offline timetable and details of the InterRail benefits.


Available for iPhone and Android.

Tips on using the app

Things to keep in mind: In the search results overview, it is not stated if a train needs a reservation or not. You’ll have to open and expand one of the search results to find out if you need a reservation. In the rail planner app, Thello trains (Paris to Rome/Venice) are displayed as EN (Euronight trains). The Thello is unfortunately not included in the InterRail pass, but you get a 25% discount on a full fare ticket. These trains are listed as follows:

  • Paris –  Rome:  EN 207

  • Rome – Paris:   EN 227

  • Paris –  Venice: EN 221

  • Venice – Paris:  EN 220

Average travel times


This map shows the train travel time in hours between popular InterRail destinations:

Map with travel times

Finding times at the station


Departure schedules and platforms are posted at displays on all train stations. Larger stations also have computerised boards that provide up-to-the-minute information. 


The station platforms also have displays confirming the next train's departure time and destination.

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