Interrail railway map

Start planning your Interrail adventure with our easy to use railway map. Zoom in to see hundreds of European cities and the train lines connecting them. Wherever you want to go, our map will help you find your way!

Every train route on this map can be traveled with an Interrail pass, although some trains need an advance reservation. You'll get a free printed railway map with every Interrail Global Pass.

See the travel times between popular European cities

Disclaimer: Please note that routes may change throughout the year.

Travel times in Europe


Check out the travel times between popular European cities. With Interrail, all of Europe is within your reach!

Train route

Travel time 
(by high-speed train)

Paris - Amsterdam 3hr 20min
Paris - Barcelona 6h 15min
Madrid - Barcelona 2h 45min
Paris - Geneva 3hr 05min
Paris - Rome 11h 15min
Rome - Venice 3hr 05min
Amsterdam - Berlin 6hr 20min
Berlin - Prague 4hr 40min
Prague - Vienna 4hr 25min
Vienna - Budapest 2hr 50min

Interrail railway map PDF


You can also download a pdf version of the Interrail railway map and open it in your PDF reader. Zoom in to see all the details.

Interrail Railway Map 2016 (PDF, 22.02 MB)
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