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Plan your trip across Europe. Interrail makes planning train journeys between European cities simple. Use our railway map to plan your route and look up travel times in the Interrail train timetable. Find all you need to know about train reservations in our Reservation guide.

Plan your Europe trip in 5 steps


Planning your rail trip through Europe is all part of the fun. Follow these 5 steps to plan your trip and get ready for a memorable Interrail adventure!

  1. Select your Interrail Pass

  2. Plan your route

  3. Look up your train times

  4. Make your train reservations

  5. Prepare the extras before you go


Select your Interrail Pass


First things first, you need to choose your Interrail Pass. Decide if you want to travel in up to 30 countries with the Global Pass or focus on exploring a single country with a One Country Pass. Estimate how many train travel days you need to fit in all your destinations, and you're then ready to choose and order your pass. We can deliver to a home or work address.

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Plan your route


Once your pass is in the post, it's time to start putting together your route. To help you, use the Interrail map that shows the main European train and ferry routes covered by the Interrail Pass. There's also a map showing the approximate travel times between popular cities to give you an idea of the amount of time you need. You also get a printed version of the map along with your pass.

View the Interrail map



Look up your train times


As you plan your route further, look up specific train times on our timetable. You’ll be able to see the departure and arrival times and if you need to change trains along the way. You’ll also be able to check if you need to make a reservation for a particular train.

Look up train times



Make your train reservations


The timetable will indicate when a reservation is required for a particular train. Some high-speed and all night trains need to be reserved in advance. Note that the number of seats available for Interrail Pass holders is limited on the following trains: TGV, Intercité de Nuit, Thalys and ICE (Paris – Frankfurt only). Reserve as soon as possible.

Read more about train reservations


Prepare the extras before you go


Now to make sure everything's set up before you start your Interrail adventure. Check out our tips for budget travel, and arrange accommodation, sightseeing and taxi transfers through our trusted partners. You've got plenty of options - get the most out of your trip by planning early.

See what you can prepare before you leave

Rail Planner App


Image of a mobile phone on a map of Europe. The Interrail Rail Planner App is showing on the screen of the phone. Look up train times any place, any time with the ultimate eurotrip planner! The Rail Planner App is free to use, works offline and features a European rail timetable. Get the app on iPhone and Android.


Interrail no longer uses printed timetable booklets. If you prefer a printed train time table, you can order one here.

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