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When you order an Interrail pass, you get a free travel pack with some very useful stuff. Why? Because we like you! And we want you to have an amazing trip you’ll never forget.

Interrail Map

Interrail map 2015 The Interrail map shows the main train network in Europe, as well as all discounted ferry routes. Have a look at it by downloading the PDF-version of the map. The printed version has extra maps on the back, showing you the approximate travel times between Europe’s major cities, plus some great scenic routes. You can also use the printed map to sketch out your Interrail route and share it with the world!

The Interrail map is only included with an Interrail Global Pass.

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Rail Planner App

Image of a mobile phone on a map of Europe. The Interrail Rail Planner App is showing on the screen of the phone. The free Rail Planner App includes a timetable available to you wherever you go. Use the map and Rail Planner App together and you’ll never get lost again. You can look up train times and connections, and find out if your train requires a reservation. It works offline, so you'll never be faced with unexpected high roaming costs. Download the app for free for iPhone or Android. Many interrailers have already told us this handy little tool is a lifesaver.

More about the Rail Planner App


Image of the Interrail travellers wristband on top of a map of Europe Wristband

Travelling is all about meeting new people. And with the Interrail wristband you can meet fellow travelers everywhere: on the train, at the pub, in your hostel and in the middle of the street. Wear your wristband all around Europe so you can spot other interrailers and swap stories with them over a drink or two.

We've heard that some sneaky wristbands have escaped from their travel packs. If you didn't receive yours, we'd be happy to send you one. Request your Interrail wristband.


Pass guide

The Interrail pass guide contains information about how to use your Interrail pass. Download the passguide in one of the following languages:


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Start planning your European trip today and see which Interrail pass suits you best!

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The Interrail map and pass guide are published once a year. Since some of the information can change throughout the year, you should always check our website for the most up-to-date information.

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