Benefits and discounts for Interrail travellers

Discover how you can save more with an Interrail pass. If you're a youth or senior traveller, or are travelling with children, you'll benefit from additional pass discounts.

Travelling with Interrail also entitles you to reduced fares on European ferry routes as well as a host of travel and leisure benefits in the countries you visit. Check out them all below!

Interrail pass discounts


Youth discount

Travellers aged 12-25 get a 25% discount.


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Children travel free

Children aged up to 11 years old can travel for FREE.


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Senior discount

Travellers aged 60 years and over get a 10% discount.


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Free Interrail travel pack


Image of the Interrail Travel Pack including an Interrail Pass Guide, Pass Cover, Map, Travel Wallet and Wristband laid on a map of Europe. Get a shiny free travel pack when you order your Interrail Global Pass with us. Included are an Interrail wristband, protective travel waller, Interrail Pass guide and a handy railway map.

If you were looking for the best deal, you've found it here!

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Ferry discounts


Image of two young backpackers holding hands as the wait beside the ferry Experience the European panorama on a ferry, as your Interrail pass entitles you to fantastic offers on various ferry routes within Europe.

Get FREE and discounted ferry travel in various countries.

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Using pass benefits

  • You can only use Interrail pass benefits within the overall period that your pass is valid.

  • Discount benefits: If the Interrail benefit you want to take advantage of includes a discount, you can use it on any of the days your pass is valid, whether it is one of your travel days or not.

  • Free benefits: If you have a flexi pass and want to take advantage of a free Interrail benefit, you must do so on one of your travel days. If it is a free overnight ferry, you can enter either the day of departure or arrival in the travel calendar on your pass. If you have a continuous pass, you can use a free benefit on any of the days your pass is valid.

Please note: There are currently no extra pass benefits in Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro.

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