Interrail One Country Pass

Explore the cities and culture of a European country with an Interrail One Country Pass. This pass lets you travel by train throughout the country of your choice. Choose from 30 passes.

Most popular One Country Passes

Interrail Italy Pass

Image of the colosseum in Rome with an icon for Interrail's popular Italy Pass

Prices from € 87


✔  Explore Italy

✔  Valid for 1 month

✔  Up to 8 days travel

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  Traveller discounts


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Interrail Germany Pass

Image of timbered buildings, a statue and red flowers at the town hall square in Frankfurt

Prices from € 154


✔  Explore Germany

✔  Valid for 1 month

✔  Up to 8 days travel

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  Traveller discounts


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Interrail Spain Pass

Image of the colourful tilework of Güell park and the skyline of Barcelona

Prices from € 131


✔  Explore Spain

✔  Valid for 1 month

✔  Up to 8 days travel

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  Traveller discounts


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Premium One Country Passes

Choose to travel in style and comfort with a Premium Pass. Available for Italy and Spain, Premium Passes let you make FREE train reservations and take advantage of added extras.

Interrail Italy Premium Pass

Collage Interrail Italy Premium Pass

Prices from € 122


✔  Explore Italy

✔  Up to 8 days travel within 1 month

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  FREE advance train reservations

✔  Traveller discounts, plus extra benefits


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Interrail Spain Premium Pass

Collage Interrail Spain Premium Pass

Prices from € 172


✔  Explore Spain

✔  Up to 8 days travel within 1 month

✔  Unlimited trains each day

✔  FREE advance train reservations

✔  Traveller discounts, plus extra benefits


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Why pick a One Country Pass?


✔  Best value
✔  Explore 1 country in depth
✔  Up to 8 days unlimited travel
✔  Kids travel FREE

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Icon of pink tick checkbox ✔  Official Interrail store
✔  Secure, reliable delivery
✔  24/7 customer support
✔  Train Reservation Specialists

Europewide delivery


We offer speedy and reliable delivery of your Interrail pass to: UK, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and more countries.


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Trains in Europe


Europe’s extensive rail network connects all of Europe’s top destinations from world-famous capitals to charming off-the-beaten-track towns. Choose the type of train that best fits your travel plans – regional, high-speed, scenic or night train, and travel where you want by day or night. 


Find out about Europe’s trains

Pass benefits


Get extra discounts with your pass in the countries where your pass is valid. The pass benefits include discounted ferry and bus travel on specific routes. Take a discounted ferry between countries, such as from Spain to Italy.



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What is Interrail?


Interrail is your key to exploring Europe. Hop on and off many of Europe’s trains by simply showing your Interrail pass.


Sit back, chill and enjoy the spectacular views as you move from one cool destination to the next on board Europe’s trains. Go in search of sandy beaches, top nightlife and new friends from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a travel day? 

    A travel day lasts 24 hours from midnight to midnight. On each travel day you have access to the train networks where your Interrail pass is valid.

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  • Are reservations included in my pass? 

    No, reservations are not included in your Interrail pass. Train reservations are required for most high-speed trains and all night trains. It's often possible to avoid reservations by taking regional trains instead.

    Reservation fees are included in the Interrail Premium Pass. If you have a Premium pass, you still needs to book the free reservations through our Reservation Service.

    Read our reservation guide for more information or book your reservations with us.

  • Can I travel with 2 One Country Passes? 

    Yes, simply order 2 One Country Passes, 1 for each country.

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  • Can I travel with Interrail in my own country? 

    If you have an Interrail Global Pass, it's valid for 2 journeys in your country of residence. You can use one journey for outbound travel and the other for inbound travel. Read more about travel in your own country. You may not use an Interrail One Country Pass to travel in your own country.

    Please note that the Interrail Benelux Pass is valid in 3 countries. So if you're a Dutch resident, you can use this pass for travel in Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • How far in advance can I order an Interrail pass? 

    You can order an Interrail pass 11 months before you start your Interrail trip.

    When you order your Interrail pass, you'll need to enter the date when you want to start travelling with your pass. This date is printed on your Interrail pass as your start date. You can order your pass anywhere within the 11 months before this date.

  • Can I protect my pass against loss and theft? 

    Yes, the Pass Loss & Theft Cover protects your valuable Interrail pass from loss or theft for a small extra fee.

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